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Need some help navigating through specific subject areas in the Build Your Bundle? This post is for you! I have went through the entire BYB and found what is located where for you and grouped them into subjects! I try to write many helpful BYB posts during this week because I know how overwhelming this sale can be. But I also know how much it can benefit homeschooling families by saving them so much!

Any questions about anything I have shared, let me know, You can see several posts on my Facebook page where readers have asked questions too! Scroll through here!

Find it in the BYB

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For this post I focused on 3 subject areas, ones that I find fun to supplement with extra resources for my kids. I love having resources beyond core curriculum {although many of these could be your core curriculum} to add throughout the year to keep things fun and interesting!


Looking for some fun science resources for your kiddos? The BYB is an awesome place to get your hands on some great resources. Personally, I am planning to use the Learning About Science Collections as the core science curriculum for my rising 4th grader. We are adding in the Solar System Bundle as well! I had an entirely different science plan until the BYB rolled around and saved me money!


Where you will find the Science resources:

{products I purchased in BOLD}

  • Shared Wonder: Nature Study Volume I & II {value $36} Charlotte Mason
  • Rocks and Dirt {value $14.95} Elementary #1
  • Learning About Science Collection 1 {value $14.43} Elementary #1
  • Solar System Bundle {value $30} Elementary #2
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Atoms & The Periodic Table {value $3.99} Elementary #2
  • Learning About Science Collection 2 {value $15.92} Elementary #3
  • Learning About Habitats {value $6.95} Elementary #3
  • What Makes the Weather {value $3.99} Elementary #3
  • Periodic Table of Elements Notebooking Pages {value $5.95} Upper Grades #1
  • Human Body Science Set {value $8} Unit Studies
  • Adventures Interactive Unit Study – Manatees {value $9.95} Unit Studies
  • Famous Scientists Mini Quiz Collection Pack {value $7.45} Thematic Units

History and Geography

I love geography & history resources and bought many this year in my Build Your Own Bundle!  I am still brainstorming what I will use in the upcoming year but I think Animals in Time will be fun for my daughter,


A great way to get your hands on many History and Geography resources is to grab the Unit Studies Bundle. See all that’s included in it here.


Where you will find the other History & Geography resources:

{products I purchased in BOLD}

  • Patriotic Songs & Copywork {value $2.99} Charlotte Mason
  • Biblioplan’s Early Modern {value $19.95} Charlotte Mason
  • Wayfarers: Revolution Term 1 {value $25} Charlotte Mason
  • Writing Through Medieval History {value $22.95} Charlotte Mason
  • The Mystery of History Volume III Audio Mp3s {Q 1 & 2} {value $24} Charlotte Mason
  • The Mystery of History Volume III Folderbook {value $8} Charlotte Mason
  • What Really Happened in Ancient Times {value $12.95} Charlotte Mason
  • Families Learn Together: American history Art Appreciation {value $20} Fine Arts
  • Animals in Time: American History Family Package {value $19} Elementary #1
  • Writing Through Ancient History Level 1 {value $22.95} Elementary #1
  • The Mystery of History Vol. 1 Mp3s {Q 1 & 2} {value $20} Elementary #1
  • Let’s Go Geography Year 1 {value $27.99} Elementary #2
  • Continental Map Pages {value $3.95} Elementary #2
  • The Mystery of History Vol. II Mp3s {Q 1 & 2} {value $20} Elementary #2
  • The Mystery of History Vol. II Folderbook {Q1} {value $8} Elementary #2
  • Children Around the World Activity Book {value $9.98} Elementary #3
  • Hands-On Presidents {value $15.95} Elementary #3
  • The Nifty Fifty {value $19.99} Elementary #3
  • All Roads Lead to Rome {value $24} Upper Grades #2
  • Philosophers At A Glance w/Ancient History Timeline {value $9.95} Upper #2
  • Exploring Black History Coloring Book Collection {value $18.36} Thematic Units
  • North America ELA Unit {value $17.50} Thematic Units
  • US Geography & History Study Bundle {value $19.99} Thematic Units
  • Country Research Study Pack {value $20} Thematic Units
  • American Girl Curriculum – History: Pioneer Times-Kirsten {value $8.95} Brother & Sister
  • American Girl Curriculum – History: WW2-Molly {value $8.95} Brother & Sister

Bible & Character

We are planning to use the Character Copywork for my rising 4th grader, and will be using To Every Nation for my rising 7th grader. I also have What is God Doing, and Prepared to Stand as supplemental Bible fun for my daughter.


The simplest way to get your hands on some great Bible/Character resources is to grab the Character Bundle. See it here.


Where you will find the other Bible and Character resources:

{products I purchased, or have, in BOLD}

  • PreK-K Bible Sampler {value $12.50} Early Learning #1
  • Raising Lil Rock Stars Through the Bible A to Z {value $12} Early Learning #2
  • Fruit for Tender Hearts Cursive {value $18.50 Early Learning #2
  • Fruit for Tender Hearts Manuscript {Value $18.50} Early Learning #3
  • Character Copywork {value $5.99} Charlotte Mason
  • New Testament Quiz Activity Book {value $6} Elementary #1
  • First Grade Bible Verse Charts {value $7.76} Elementary #2
  • Do Right JUNIOR {value $15} Elementary #2
  • Truth Seeker’s Mystery Books & Lit Guides {value $53.94} Elementary #3
  • 100 Bible Quizzes Activity Book {value $7.50} Elementary #3
  • Paul’s Journeys {value $6} Upper Grades #1
  • Bible Road Trip Year 2 {value $45} Upper Grades #2
  • Do Right YOUTH {value $15} Upper Grades #2
  • The Twelve Sons of Jacob {value $10.99} Unit Studies
  • Arrival of a King Lapbook {value $8} Thematic Units
  • Death & Resurrection of a King {value $8} Thematic Units
  • 200 Bible Quizzes & Word Search Puzzles {value $10.50} Thematic Units
  • Let’s All Get Along Bible Study for Siblings {value $9} Brother & Sister
  • Proverbs to Live By Paper Dolls {value $10} Brother & Sister
  • Education: Does God Have an Opinion? {value $13.99} Homeschool Helps #2




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