Preparing for College with Teaching Textbooks Math



{disclaimer ~ this is a sponsored post in partnership with Teaching Textbooks}

I am sure by now, if you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know we LOVE Teaching Textbooks Math! We have used TT math for all three of our kids for many years! Our oldest son, who just completed 11th grade, completed up through Algebra 2 using Teaching Textbooks. Our middle son {7th grade} is finishing up Pre Algebra now and our daughter {4th grade} is finishing up Math 5. Today I want to answer the question that many families have, the BIGGEST question I had.

   Will Teaching Textbooks Math   

prepare my child for college?

My oldest son just completed his first year in a program called Career and College Promise at our local community college. Through this program he was able to take college classes for dual credit. He had to take a placement test last summer to get into the program and his test scores were VERY high in math, the administrator pulled me aside to talk about how well he did on the test! I feel we owe this to Teaching Textbooks!

Years ago, when I first began looking into homeschool math programs, I really wanted to use Teaching Textbooks, but I was scared. I wanted to give my child the best and do everything I could to prepare him for college math and testing. I am finally near the end of our high school math journey and I can tell you that Teaching Textbooks did prepare my child for college!


Recently I was discussing TT with my oldest son and asked him what he thought about how the program prepared him. He had a rough teacher {you know the type} for his college Pre-Cal class and he said that her teaching really didn’t “teach” him much. He was able to pull knowledge he gained from his Teaching Textbooks experience and said that helped him more than his actual teacher. He solidly told me that he felt very prepared thanks to Teaching Textbooks.

One of the reasons I began exploring his thoughts is because I am in the heat of Pre- Algebra with my middle son. You know, the time when math gets harder and most kids do no love that fact. Currently I am sitting with him while he does his lessons to make sure he is catching some big concepts being presented. I love that Teaching Textbooks makes it easy for me to join in without having to be the main teacher. It gives me the teaching tools I need to be a successful homeschool math teacher – even though I wasn’t the greatest at math when I was in school.

Below you can see a peek into our setup when we do lessons together. I use the book {we had the book version of Pre Algebra before switching to the online version}, and have the answer key open in front of me. I take notes during the lesson to model how to take notes and we both work the problems out. We do not do this for every lesson, but for some of the more tricky lessons, I sit with him like this to be sure the concepts are fully understood.

Teaching Textbooks Math Teaching Textbooks Math-2

In addition to my oldest son doing well with college math, all of my kids continue to score well on their end of grade testing. I am confident with Teaching Textbooks as our choice for homeschool math!

The summer is a great time to give Teaching Textbooks a try and trying is FREE, so why not? You’ll never know what you’re missing unless you give it a shot!


When you end up loving it, you can download my free Teaching Textbooks checklists here!


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