South America Country by Country

South America Country by Country Geography Curriculum

Recently we released AFRICA Country by Country and EUROPE Country by Country today we have our next set in our new Country by Country seriesSOUTH AMERICA! We have also released a GROWING BUNDLE option which you can purchase to gain access to ALL of our Country by Country products, including our new Jeopardy games {more about this near end of post}!

Each country has one page with a place to write the country’s name and the capital city’s name. There is also a small map of each country and a large blank map of South America to color in the country’s location on the map. I also included the country’s flag to color and one interesting fact about each country. I had SO much fun choosing the facts and I highly recommend taking a few minutes to do a quick online search for “Fun Facts About _________” as you go through each country. We are doing our countries in alphabetical order, but you can do them in any order!


A few other helpful pages are included in this set, which will help with some of the items on the individual country pages.

South America Maps

South America Country by Country (4) South America Country by Country (5)

South America Country by Country (6)   South America Country by Country (7)

Flags of South America and Countries & Capitals

There are 12 countries included as well as 4 dependent territories. Click on the graphic below to enlarge for details.

Slide11 Slide12

In addition to the pages for each country, there’s also a sheet at the front to record each country as you learn it. The map gets filled in as your child works through the countries one by one.

South America Country by Country (2)

Another fun page I included is a sheet to record countries you’ve been to!

South America Country by Country (3)

I used our binding machine to bind the pages together to create a book that’s easy to work through. Not sure how I made it so long as a homeschooler without my binding machine!


Below you can see a video walk through of our AFRICA Country by Country which is set up the same as our new South America version!

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SOUTH AMERICA Country by Country


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Note, when you buy while the bundle is still growing you get USA State by State as a free bonus! You also get a lower price the earlier you purchase access. Learn more here!

Country by Country Bundle

Country by Country Jeopardy

Our Jeopardy games are created to make learning about the world fun and ongoing. What is the point of learning locations, capitals, flags, and more if only to forget when you close the book. Jeopardy is a fun way to keep the facts fresh for everyone! See South America Jeopardy here.

South America Jeopardy-2 South America Jeopardy

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South America Country by Country   SOUTHB AMERICA Country by Country Jeopardy

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