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Night Zookeeper Review

{disclosure – this is a sponsored post, we were given a Night Zookeeper subscription for this review}

I am so thankful Night Zookeeper reached out to us and has partnered with us for this review. My daughter loves to write and when I read about Night Zookeeper I just knew she would like it. I just didn’t know how much she would LOVE it. She has begged to keep using this and has been playing, creating, and writing almost daily since we have had it!

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What is Night Zookeeper?

Night Zookeeper is a website designed to improve writing skills of children. It is best for ages 6-12 and when you join you’ll be able to select the age of your child, which will change the type of lessons, challenges, games, and level of vocabulary that they will encounter.

How It Works

The process…

When I first logged on to take a look around I was a bit overwhelmed, but then I realized how it all works and now I love it! I will outline the main process for you so you, as a parent, can see how your child will be using this website! Below you can see a sample of the homepage a child will see, with the different areas. It is amazing how quickly a child will explore and figure this out – faster than I did!

Home menu


Children draw their own magical characters that go with them through the Night Zoo, developing and growing their creative writing skills. Below you can see a few of the creatures my daughter has created! She LOVES this part so much!

Night Zookeeper Creations


The foundation of all great writers is their broad and rich vocabulary. Night Zookeeper helps your children learn thousands of new words through exciting, personalized activities and games. The creatures you create show up throughout the games, making things more personalized and fun!

Word Games


As children progress, they’ll encounter sentence building games, short writing challenges and many more exciting activities that help them to use these new words in longer, more complex sentences. She doesn’t necessarily love this part, but she does it willingly. As a teacher/parent, I LOVE these games!

Night Zookeeper


Children are then challenged to put their learning into action, producing stories, reports, poems and other styles of writing.

Night Zookeeper-2

This is such a neat feature and she has written more than I even realized! I logged into her account to grab a screenshot and found this story I didn’t even know she had written! There is a “blog” that shares children’s writing which is approved by moderators before going live. They also provide feedback through comments, like you can see at the bottom of the screenshot below.

Sample Story

More facts about Night Zookeeper:

  • 7 day free trial, cancel anytime online   
  • Night Zookeeper works across tablets, PC’s and laptops. They recommend using either on Safari, or Google Chrome browsers for best performance.
  • Night Zookeeper is based in the UK so if you live in the US, you will notice some spelling differences and your kids will probably point them out to you – like mine did! It provided some great conversation!

Final Thoughts…

I definitely recommend Night Zookeeper! I honestly wasn’t sure at first, but as we have used it and I have seen how much my daughter LOVES it, I am totally on board! It is a wonderful addition to our language arts homeschool curriculum.

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