Why We Love Reading Eggs

We Love Reading Eggs

{disclaimer – this post is sponsored by Reading Eggs}

It has been years since we have used Reading Eggs. There’s a silly reason for that – I didn’t realize that it was for older kids too! We used it a lot when my daughter was younger but then when our subscription expired, I didn’t think it was worth looking into again because I thought she had aged out of the program. Thankfully I was wrong! I have always thought of it as a “learn to read” program for younger kids, and it definitely IS THAT, but it is so much more!


When I was contacted to partner with Reading Eggs for this review, I was thrilled to be reminded of this wonderful program and to see that it is something my 10 year old can use! She is the perfect age for the Reading Eggspress section and has been testing it out with me as we prepared for this review! Read below for a bit more about the Reading Eggspress section.


Reading Eggspress continues the learning to read journey for 7 to 13 year olds, helping children further develop their comprehension, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills.

Key features include:

  • My Lessons – over 200 comprehension lessons which cover five broad levels equivalent to school grades 1 to 6.
  • The Stadium – your child can compete against students from around the world or against the computer with four contests that tests skills in spelling, vocabulary, usage, and grammar.
  • English Skills – focuses on common spelling rules, generalizations, and strategies using a combination of teaching videos, engaging online activities and games, with printable worksheets and assessment tests.
  • The Library – home to over 2500 e-books, each with their own comprehension quiz.

My 5th grader has been using Reading Eggspress for a few weeks now and I have been watching over her shoulder a lot to get a feel for it. So far I am very impressed. I must be honest and tell you she isn’t thrilled with it – mostly because it is a bit challenging for her. She likes for things to be easy and some of the questions and activities are a bit more difficult than she would prefer. But what this means to me is SHE NEEDS IT! I was only planning to use the free trial we had for the review, but I am planning to purchase the program for her to use weekly.

Reading Eggs for Little and BIG kids!

After peering over her shoulder and noticing where she tends to struggle, I realize the importance of her using a program like this. I get feedback in the parent dashboard so I can see how she is doing, which is something I love!

One of my favorite features is the printable plans so I can actually assign lessons to her daily plans.

Reading Eggspress-4

Another thing I didn’t know about Reading Eggs – printable activities! When I looked in the Bonus Material section in our dashboard I was sweetly surprised to find worksheets to go along with the online activities. I have hers printed out and ready to go for the start of full homeschool on Monday!

Reading Eggspress-5

Try Reading Eggs for FREE!

If you have never tried Reading Eggs, I HIGHLY recommend it. There is a FREE 4 week trial, just click here! You will get access to ALL of the levels, plus Mathseeds – a program we used extensively when she was younger!

Upon signing up your child can also take the free placement reading test that will place them at the appropriate lesson according to their reading ability.

Reading Eggs Free Trial Access

Reading Eggs free trial