Fire Safety Resources for Families

Fire Safety Resources for Parents and Educators

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October is Fire Prevention Month and Fire Prevention Week is October 6 – 12, 2019. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is educators’ go-to source for Fire Prevention Week 2019 resources. This is a great time to add some fire safety learning to your lesson plans for your homeschool or classroom.

NFPA has exclusive, instructive fire prevention week materials for teachers and parents that will make essential and important fire safety learning engaging and memorable for children. All materials are geared towards preschool through elementary school aged kids. The videos, lesson plans, printables, take-homes, and fun apps help kids learn important fire safety rules in an enjoyable way.

I want to walk you through a few simple ideas you could easily incorporate into your lesson plans for October.

Read The Story of Sparky the Fire Dog

One of my favorite resources is The Story of Sparky the Fire Dog being read aloud via video, which you can watch for free here on the video resource page {along with many other helpful videos}. This story is a great way to introduce fire safety through a fun character – Sparky!

Sparky Video Book

After listening to the story via this free video, you can then download a lesson plan to give you even more ideas, find the lesson plan by clicking on “LESSONS” in the top menu. You’ll even find a great printable to practice creating a story map.

Sparky Story Map

If you’d prefer to read the story yourself, rather than watch the video, you can do that here with the digital book online! Find the book by visiting and clicking on the word “Sparky” in the menu!

Read Sparky Online

Sparky Helps Kids Be Safe!

Connecting a character to an important topic can deepen learning for young children. Sparky does that! Once you have introduced Sparky and enjoyed the story together, check out some of the printable activities here to help lead discussion about fire safety. You can go deep with formal lesson plans, or use simple resources to teach or remind your kids. Click on  “ACTIVITIES” in the menu to find these!

Sparky Header

Sparky Printables

Enjoy Sparky’s fun apps also if your children play on a device! You can download all of the free apps here, be sure to click on “GAMES & APPS” in the menu!

Sparky Apps

The most important thing is that you discuss fire safety with your children. These free resources can help you do that!  If you do nothing else, watch the video about creating your own Fire Safety Anchor Chart for your home. Create this with your kids! You can download the images to use for free also, in the description of the video.

Fire Sfaety Anchor Chart

October is a great month to teach your kids about fire safety and I hope these free resources from and help you bring some fun and learning into your home or classroom for Fire Prevention Week!

Fire Safety Resources