My Year in Books ~ 2019

2019 Year in Books

2019 was the first year I actually recorded every book I read. I wish I had done this all along! Since I recorded everything, I can easily share my favorites with you as well as ALL 50 of the books I read! You’ll notice I like to read a lot of middle grade fiction, partly to preview books for my kids and partly because I enjoy it!

I added all of the books I read in 2019 to an Amazon Shop here so you could browse easily.Books I Read in 2019 Amazon

I am a distracted reader so if a book isn’t going to get at least 3 stars from me I normally stop reading it. This is why you’ll notice a majority of my ratings are 4 and 5 stars. I simply stop if it isn’t good. I don’t have time for books that bore me. A few of the 3 star books were difficult for me to get through, but if I make it halfway I will push through!

My Favorites

It was hard to narrow my favorites down but I wanted to highlight my five favorite books. Honestly most of my 5 star books could be in the top 5, but I did my best to choose five!

My Top 5 Books of 2019

  1. Running For My Life
  2. Before We Were Yours
  3. A Long Walk to Water
  4. The Night Diary
  5. Calling Me Home

My Other 5 Star Books

  1. Finding Gobi
  2. Bud Not Buddy
  3. Beyond the Bright Sea
  4. The Length of a String
  5. Esperanza Rising
  6. I Love You Michael Collins
  7. Race the Night
  8. Chains
  9. Stella By Starlight
  10. The Lions of Little Rock
  11. The Mighty Miss Malone
  12. Sylvia & Aki
  13. Unbroken
  14. Sugar

Books I Read Aloud With My Kids

Most of these are books I read to my daughter, who is 10 and in 5th grade – see her reading list here. She is an avid reader and reads tons on her own and we always have a book that we read together. I let her choose and we often have different opinions at the end of the book. She loves fantasy and I prefer realistic fiction, which is probably why!

I have a book I read aloud to both of my younger kids {5th and 8th grade currently} and it takes us longer to get through these since getting them together is difficult due to my son’s gymnastics schedule.

Books I Read Aloud To My Kids 2019

  1. A Long Walk to Water {read to both kids}
  2. Endling
  3. The Wild Robot Escapes
  4. Harry Potter #1
  5. Granted
  6. Wonderland
  7. Sing Down the Moon
  8. Still Reading – The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind {reading to both kids}
  9. Still Reading – Harry Potter # 2

ALL of the Books I Read in 2019

You can browse my ratings for each book I read in 2019 on goodreads here. You will see 3, 4, and 5 star ratings because I stop reading if it won’t get at least a 3!

Year in Books 2019 goodreads

Looking Ahead

You can follow along with my 2020 reading challenge here. I like to load up book ideas in goodreads so I always know what to read next. I use Libby to read books for free through my library and also check books out from the library. I prefer reading on my Kindle so if it’s on Libby I will choose to read the digital copy! See what is on my reading list here and see what I am currently reading here!