Christmas Theme Listen & Do

We have several Listen & Do activities in our Kindergarten Literature Units, and today I am sharing our first theme-based set with you! In this free printable set, you’ll find five different Christmas theme Listen & Do activities to enjoy with your kids!

Our Listen & Do activities help develop good listening skills while also working on basics like shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. Give your child the Listen and Do image page while you read from the list. If your child is still enjoying the activity when you get through with the list, I recommend making up your own “listen and do” ideas to extend the activity time!

My Kindergarten students enjoy these activities a LOT! I hope your kids do too!

Grab the free download link here on our Christmas Fun webpage!

Look for this graphic and then click on the “DOWNLOAD” button below it!

While there, you’ll find TONS of other Christmas theme ideas!


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