Calvert 1st Grade Sight Word Printables

Krash is using Calvert 1st grade, and it is still the same as when PacMan used it!  I remember thinking during Pac’s year how much a few things would have helped me.  I am working now to create those things and will be sharing them here as I get them done for any of you who are using or will be using Calvert First Grade!  If you aren’t using Calvert, these posts won’t be of much interest to you, sorry!

Next up, Sight Word Printables!

Calvert 1st Grade Sight Word Printables

I wanted some simple printables to highlight the sight words of the week.  Many of these words are review for Krash since he completed You Can Read, but many of the words will be new this year! I created 3 different {and very simple} activities, which all join together to display the current words as another visual aid in learning them.

First ~ on the day the words are introduced, I am having Krash color the words {shown on top left}.

Second ~ the following day, I have him trace the words {shown far right}

Third ~ I have him write the words in the blank boxes, from memory if he can. {shown in middle}. 

You can think creatively with any of these, even using the first as a play dough mat, or using creative materials for tracing/creating words {markers, colored pencils, pipe cleaners, Wiki Stix}. If you use Calvert, you know they offer work with sight words also in the Reading Work Pages, and in the manual.  I just wanted an extra repetitive review each week to make sure he knows the current and past words.  I hope these help some of you who are using Calvert 1st grade!

>~> Download Calvert 1st Grade Sight Word Printables Below <~<

Word Coloring

Word Tracing

Word Writing

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