10th Grade Year-End Review

10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Year End Review

The homeschool curriculum choices blog posts are great, but what I really want to know is what families thought AFTER they used the curriculum they chose! I will be sharing a series of posts with you; evaluating our choices in each grade level from this homeschool year.

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We shared our 3rd grade year-end review here and 6th grade here. Next up, 10th grade!  Here’s a reminder of the original 10th Grade Curriculum Choices post.

10th Grade Subjects

Below I will give a small review of each subject, if you have more specific questions about anything, just leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer!

10th grade homeschool

Math ~ Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2

Teaching Textbooks is a perfect for us. Seriously, math was my most feared subject and TT has made it so easy. He completed Algebra 2 this year and is officially done with his Teaching Textbooks journey. They do have Pre Cal, but he will be taking his math for 11th grade at the community college {dual enrollment}. His placement test scores were VERY high in math, even the administrator pulled me to talk about how well he did on the test! I feel we owe this to Teaching Textbooks!!!!

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Government/Economics ~ Notgrass

We both love Notgrass and this year was no exception. He completed their Government and Economics and learned a lot!

English ~ IEW Windows to the World / Teaching the Classics

We used Teaching the Classics for the first month or so of school, to familiarize both of us with the content. It was very helpful. We then completed Windows to the World together. I must be honest and say that literature analysis is not our favorite subject but IEW made it bearable. I definitely recommend IEW!

Elective ~ Graphic Design

This was a great elective for Pac and he enjoyed it. I love that we were able to get this great course through our SchoolHouse Teachers membership {which we did renew for this year too}.

Elective ~ Human Development

I loved this Human Development course. It was simple, to the point and a great introduction to this topic from a Christian worldview!

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Stay tuned, I will be sharing our curriculum choices for 11th grade,7th grade and 4th grade.

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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews and Choices

10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices


My oldest son is 15 and going into 10th grade this year, below are the 10th grade homeschool curriculum choices we have made!

Curious to see what he did in the past {since I’ve been blogging}?

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10th Grade Subjects

The Visual Version…

TT Algebra 2Notgrass Exploring GovernmentDiscovering Design with ChemistryIEW Windows to the WorldNotgrass economicsTeaching the Classics

human-development Graphic Design


Figuring high school credits – He is coming into 10th grade with 8 1/2 high school credits and will earn 6 more this year. We may add an elective 2nd semester, depending on how these first two go. He is pretty busy outside of the home with activities also. He is on a year round swim team and he also volunteers with the special needs ministry at our church on a weekly basis. He spent his summer doing the same – spending 3 different weeks as a volunteer counselor for people with special needs. It is definitely his passion and we are trying to allow him to fully develop this calling.

There may be more to come, or some changes, but this is our list for now and all of this has been purchased! We will see what the year holds!

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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews and Choices

Stick around and see our homeschool year unfold!

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