Tot School ~ Dora

~Ladybug is currently 29 months old~


We took a week off of  Tot School Printables so we could throw in a fun Dora week.  A blogging friend sent us a big ol box of fun Dora goodies that her daughter was done with and we decked out the schoolroom to go along with our Dora printables!image

Ladybug was thrilled with all of the “new” goodies and got straight to playing.  PacMan snapped these 2 adorable shots with his camera!  Ignore the scantly clad Dora doll in the background. My friend sent TONS of outfits for Dora and the girl had her clothes changed way too many times to count!  Apparently she was in between changes!

IMG_2915  IMG_2917

Coloring Dora and Boots and tracing her name…IMG_3681

She asked for the dry erase center to color this one…IMG_3708

Working hard on her Dora color book, she did a few pages per day…IMG_3728

We read the mini Dora and Boots book and she decided to color it a bit too…IMG_3731

She was very obsessed with glue this week, wanting me to cut things out so she could glue them.  So, I did.IMG_3766



Matching her color cards…IMG_3835then gluing them…IMG_3837


Dot painting D is for Dora…IMG_3840


Tot-Trays26222222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[2]

She loves working her small muscles with Mr. Crunch.…IMG_3718



My mom sent the kids some pirate costumes she found at her consignment sale and they were awesome, here’s Ladybug in hers.  She also loved the pirate bath toys my mom sent!  We still have our pirate stuff out in the schoolroom even though our pirate theme is done, the kids are still loving it!IMG_3858


She did a lot more, I just didn’t have the camera out as much!


Life-School_thumb3_thumbWe do calendar each day and Ladybug LOVES it!  We are loving our Rainforest Calendar Connections this month, and I love her “aww he’s so cute” reply to most of the animals!  Here she is doing her favorite thing, running as we sing her name for the Name-O song!IMG_3779

We still enjoy Speekee, and watch several times per week.IMG_3732


On another note-no photo, but Ladybug started gymnastics this week!  We get one free sibling class along with paying for Krash, so we signed her up for the Mommy & Me class.  So I guess you could say I started gymnastics this week too! 



Just a silly princess running into her Daddy’s arms…IMG_3473

IMG_3574 IMG_3563



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Dora Tot Book ~ Free Printables!

Dora Tot Book

Ladybug won’t be working with this one quite yet, but I got it done and wanted to share for all of you who have little Dora fans!  When I mentioned this one on my Facebook page, it got a HUGE reaction!  I hope it blesses many of your Dora fans with fun school time!

Focus Skills

  • ABCs
  • Colors in Spanish and English
  • Shapes
  • Name ID

You can download the entire

Dora Tot Book here on my website for FREE!



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