Rolling and Reading Words

I mentioned a Rolling and Reading game we played in my last RRSP post, and promised a video!  Here it is!!!  You can see Krash in action as he slings his cube across the room and runs to read his word!  We kept “score” but it was mainly for encouragement as you will hear in the video.  It’s all about high-5s and YAYs at this point of learning to read!!!



Education Cubes Fun ~ Working with 2 Children

We have been using our new Education Cubes almost every day around here!  They are such a simple tool, that just adds an element of fun and interest to an otherwise possibly boring activity.  I am randomly coming up with ideas to use our cubes, so I will be sharing ideas here and Jenn will also be sharing our ideas and others on the Education Cubes site itself.  If you are using them also, be sure to let Jenn know so she can link to your posts too and we can all share ideas!

Both of my boys love the cubes, however they are 4 years apart {4 – pre K, 8 – 3rd grade} and finding ways to use the cubes with them together has been my challenge!  Recently I had an idea and it worked! 

I inserted the first 6 Raising Rock Stars Preschool letters into 1 cube and gave each boy a piece of paper.  We used special snowman paper and a special snowman pen this time to make it more fun.  The boys took turns rolling the cube.IMG_4683

Krash had to write the letter on his paper and Pac Man had to think of a word beginning with that letter and write it on his paper.IMG_4681

We did 8 rolls and it was just enough to have fun and not bore anyone!  It was a simple way to work with both children at the same time even though they are 4 years apart!  There was a lot of cheering for each other and high fives…working on supporting one another.  IMG_4687

Resources used…

  • Cubes
  • RRSP Review Printables {although you could easily use Jenns Upper Case ABC printables if you are an Education Cubes Member}.  Jenn is currently working on RRSP inserts for Education Cubes also!  My RRSP review printable almost fit nicely in the cubes, but Jenn is creating a set for the EC site also so they will fit perfectly!