Exploring Opposites

Exploring Opposites Bundle b

Children begin exploring opposites at a very early age. Understanding the concept of opposites can help a child to learn how to compare and contrast two different things and produces a wider vocabulary, especially in the area of describing items. Whether you are working with your own child at home, an ESL {English as a Second Language} student or a classroom full of young learners, opposite vocabulary development is a great activity to add in to your learning plan!

We have a fun new set of printables to help your children have fun exploring opposite words. From the very early stages of basic flashcards and matching, all the way to reading sentences and writing in the correct word. This set is sure to give you many years of fun with opposites.

There are 28 different opposites featured in this set and each different activity will touch on each set.



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There are 9 different printable activities to choose from, giving you many options depending on the student{s} you are working with.


Cut on the dotted lines to create a set of flashcards. Have fun simply exposing different opposite word sets! Keep this main set on a metal ring for future reference!


Matching Cards

Cut on the dotted lines to create a set of matching cards. Play memory, match in a pocket chart, or play other various games with these!


Easy Reader

Put together this simple easy reader to work on the opposite words your child is learning. Laminate and use metal rings instead of stapling so you can easily add pages as you learn more words!

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Handwriting Practice

Use these pages as a fun way to get some handwriting practice in while working on opposites!


3 Part Cards

A Montessori approach to reading and matching words to pictures. See more of our 3 part cards here!

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Cut & Glue to Match


Cut & Match Sentences to Pictures

This is a fun hands-on way to practice. Cut out all of the images and all of the sentence cards and mix them up and then have your child match them! Great for a pocket chart!


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Fill in the Blank

For more advanced students who can read and write on their own, use this set to practice spelling and reading!

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Draw a Line to Match

Another set for more advanced students, with many words on each page.

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Download a free sample of some of the flashcards here!

Exploring Opposites