Homeschool Grammar Plans for 3rd Grade

I love finding new curriculum, and recently I found something new that I LOVE! I have been trying it out with my daughter to see if it’s a good fit and it is SUCH a good fit, we are just moving right along instead of waiting until fall to begin! She loves it!

Our new addition is Grammar Galaxy!

Grammar Galaxy -18

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This curriculum is totally different than anything I have seen and I am certain that is the reason she is hooked. She LOVES me reading aloud to her which is a main component to this program. This is not something you can hand your child and send them off to do it independently.

There are two different portions, one is the Mission Manual and one is the book which I have on my iPad. I read the chapter to her and then we go to the Mission Manual together and do the “work” which is described as a mission – making it seem less like work and more like fun!

Grammar Galaxy -14-2 Grammar Galaxy -14

For next year we will be using Grammar Galaxy {if she doesn’t finish it this summer} and will continue with Growing with Grammar {level 3}. GWG is a traditional workbook and her more independent grammar workbook. I like the combo, but you absolutely could just use Grammar Galaxy alone! It exposes so much more than just grammar.

Grammar Galaxy: Nebula, the first in a series of language arts texts for first to sixth graders, teaches:

  • reading skill development
  • literary concepts
  • vocabulary
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • composition and
  • speaking

Wondering how I print digital curriculum affordably?

Print it all with HP Instant Ink

Fun Printables for Kids from The Crafty Classroom!

Fun Grammar Review from The Crafty Classroom

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Some of my favorites printables come from The Crafty Classroom! We have been using WRITE Interactive Grammar Notebook for awhile and absolutely LOVE it! I got it for my daughter who is finishing up 2nd grade this year. This front cover says “Kindergarten” but it is definitely appropriate for K-2 and maybe even some 3rd graders who enjoy this type of thing. It is a fun and creative way to review grammar skills, which is what she needed!


Grammar Notebook-21  Grammar Notebook-27

Grammar Notebook-27-2

Grammar Notebook-28  Grammar Notebook-2

Grammar Notebook-18

Grammar Notebook-18-2

Grammar Notebook-18-3

Grammar Notebook-18-4

My next favorite is the Super Sequence Activity Pack, I wish I had this when my kids were younger, it is a great science resource…lots of life cycle sequencing!


Crafty Classroom Super Sequence (1 of 1)

Grammar 1 ~ PowerPoint Show

I have a new PowerPoint show available in the Members Only PowerPoint section, featuring  Grammar. The show is based on PacMan’s 4th grade grammar curriculum, from his first several lessons.  I hope to make more of these throughout the year, as I know they are great teaching tools and even better review tools.


Each slide is animated {although you can’t see that here in the screenshots}.  The answer is hidden to allow thinking and then pops up on a click for immediate self correction.

Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5Slide6 Slide7 Slide8 Slide9

In the subject/predicate section, the subjects and predicates change color to blue and red upon the click to show self-correction.

Slide10 Slide11


PacMan used this show to review for his lesson 20 assessments and told me it was VERY helpful. Winking smile

You can access this show in the Members Only section of my website.  If you are not a member already, you can learn more info here.  See what is in the Members Only section now and what is coming soon here!