Outdoor Toys Gift Ideas

We have our next new Gift Guide for 2016, featuring Outdoor Toys Gift Ideas! We own most of these, I will share below! A couple of these are things we want to own!

Outdoor Fun Gift Ideas

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Some of these are on Amazon, some are only from Marbles the Brain Store. Below you can see the Amazon links {if you are reading in email, jump to the blog to see}


These are the ones we own personally, and love!

We have had a PlasmaCar, Rip Rider, and RipSticks for years now and they still get TONS of play! If you don’t own one of these yet, I highly recommend!

plasmacarRip RiderRipstick

I was looking for pictures and found this one that just happens to show my kids with all three of these, at the same time! K is on the PlasmaCar, L is on the Rip Rider, and you can see the blue Rip Stick off to the side!

riding toys


We LOVE our Super Spinner swing, and this is our exact trampoline. Our kids got this for Christmas 2 years ago and we still love it!

Super Spinner Swing  Trampoline


Here’s the Super Spinner in action awhile back from my Instagram!

A video posted by Carisa (@1plus1plus1) on


Here’s a video from Instagram showing our trampoline.

A video posted by Carisa (@1plus1plus1) on


These are the ones we want to own {and just might after Christmas!}…

We tried out these fun games while in Marbles the Brain Store this past summer, we all loved them!

FundaPop     OgoSport Mezo Disks

The blue swing is to replace the wooden one we had that rotted. For $14.95 I think this will be a good replacement!

Spike Ball      Tree Swing Disk

This next one  – The Swurfer – is way cool and I really want one! The creator is one of my long-time friends and my roommate from college! swurfer 3

Below are the ones you can find on the Marbles website. If you do shop there, be sure to sign up for their newsletter to save 10% and also check out their Loyalty program!…

Stay tuned for our final category!  See our  Family Game Night Ideas here, our Brain Games here,  our Gifts to Inspire Creativity here, our Indoor Activity Ideas here, our Subscription Boxes Gift Ideas here, and our New Early Childhood Gift Ideas post here!

New-for-2016-Early-Childhood-Gift-Id  Family-Game-Night-Gift-Ideas341222

Brain-Games-Gift-Ideas3822  Indoor-Activity--Gift-Ideas3412

Lets-Create-Gift-Ideas2  Subscription-Boxes-Gift-Ideas3


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More awesome gift ideas and DEALS on Amazon…

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LEGO Deal 2016   Playmobil 


Another last minute addition to outdoor gift ideas, the ever-popular Razor Scooter! We have about 6 different models! Currently you can get the Kick for only $19.99 and the Mixi Kixi for only $22.49 – this one changes from 2 to 3 wheel scooter!



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On the List ~ Indoor Energy Burners

From now until Christmas, I am featuring our all time favorite toys!  I always love getting recommendations to get the Christmas gift idea lists to the grandparents in plenty of time!  That’s why I am starting early this year with some individual toy features.  I will update our gift recommendation posts {tot, preschool, boys, moms, Jesus} for 2013 and publish those in November, but wanted to get started with these features of our favorites now.  I will feature 10 different gift ideas between now and Dec 21, every Saturday. Last week I featured Straws & Connectors!

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links are used, thanks for your support!}

Indoor Energy Burners

Indoor energy burning toys are a MUST in my home.  We live in the inner city and our Help for the Energetic Childbackyard is small.  All 3 of our children need an outlet to blow off physical energy, especially my Krash.  I wrote an extensive post, Blessed with Boundless Energy, sharing all about him and how we help him manage his high energy level.

We own many indoor energy burners and have a few on our own list for the kids this year to add to our collection.  This category is kind of like books for me, we can’t have enough!  We often use our items to set up a simple indoor obstacle course.  We have a corner in our schoolroom where we keep it all so it is easy to get to and USE!


What We Already Own and Love

    What’s on OUR List This Year?

    We already purchased a few gifts for our kids for Christmas, thanks to Zulily!  I was able to use some credit to get both of these items for free!  {I am linking to them on Amazon, since the sale on Zulily is over}

    Waliki the Jumping Bull ~ Ladybug saw this in a catalog and BEGGED for the bouncy horsey!  About a week later it was on Zulily and I ordered her a purple one!  The weight limit is up to 150 pounds for this one, so I am pretty certain the boys will have fun with it too!Waliki the Jumping Bull


    Gonge Rubber See Saw ~ saw this and thought the kids would love it.  We shall see!

    Gonge See Saw

    Do you already have a collection of indoor energy burners?  What are your favorites?

    See more gift ideas On the List…

    3D Christmas banner

    Blessed with Boundless Energy

    Help for the Energetic Child

    Almost since his birth, we have noticed that our sweet Krash was a bit on the HIGH energy side of life.  Now at age 7, we have more than confirmed that his daily energy output is much more than the average child and literally exhausts adults around him! We choose to look at his massive energizer bunny state as a wonderful gift from God.  If you ask him about it, he will tell you his abundant energy is a gift, not a problem.  It is our job as his parents to help him channel this energy positively and teach him how to have self control when he needs to put his high activity level away.

    Homeschooling can certainly be a challenge for me, and I am constantly trying new things to help our day run more smoothly. I learned early on that doing things the old fashioned way would never work with him, so we’ve always homeschooled a bit on the livelier end with him.  Now, in 2nd grade, the subjects get a bit longer and the seat work required is a bit more.  I am attacking the challenge head on and doing my best to adapt our environment to meet his needs, while also challenging him to learn self control and the ability to tone down the energy at specific times.  We call it, “putting the energy in your pocket for now.”  We never want him to think his energy is a nuisance, a problem, something that makes him a bad kid, or anything negative.  We firmly believe God will use his boundless energy for great work in the Kingdom one day! We are thrilled that he was blessed with this gift, even if it does challenge us at times!

    Many of the ideas I have in this post have come from lots of research I have done browsing around on OT {occupational therapy} sites.  Krash isn’t diagnosed with anything, but I am always looking for ways to engage his energy seeking body. I am a student of my child and constantly reading, growing, and learning all about how to meet his needs

    Adapting Homeschool for an Active Child

    Here are some of the things we are doing during the school day {and all of the time} to help him channel this energy.  Specifically, I have him do some highly energetic movement and some relaxing focused balance type work right before we begin any seat work.  We have been going in this order and it has helped a lot.

    You can follow me on Instagram to see many of the things he is doing, sometimes I show little videos of him.  Here are a few if you haven’t seen them:..

    image image image

    image image

    {disclaimer ~ affiliate links are used below, thanks for your support!}

    Energetic Work

    • Jumping on the mini trampoline, often crashing into our huge beanbag {ahhprods.com}
    • Jumping Rope
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Cartwheels, Round-Offs
    • Running up and down the stairs a few times
    • Play outside if weather and time permits

    2nd Grade Homeschool -6477

    2nd Grade Homeschool -7256 2nd Grade Homeschool -7255


    Focused, Calming, Balance Work

    • Handstands, Headstands
    • Using the balance ball for balance in many ways
    • Lying on the floor for a balance or medicine ball “massage” from mom {basically I roll the ball over his back and arms to help relax and calm him}

    2nd Grade Homeschool -6371  2nd Grade Homeschool -6372

    2nd Grade-7176

    2nd Grade-7183 2nd Grade-7186

    2nd Grade Homeschool -7393

    2nd Grade Homeschool -7382

    Help While Working at the Table

      Obviously seat work is required for a 2nd grader, as much as he wishes it wasn’t! We have high expectations for him as he learns that there is a time to wiggle and a time to control the impulse to wiggle. We do provide him with some resources to try to help him, since even as an adult I struggle with the wiggles!   We have found the Balance Board to be the best solution, with the Balance Disk coming in a close second.

    2nd Grade-7198

    We have tried sitting on the balance ball but it didn’t work for him, for now he is on a simple stool, but I’d love to find a better seating solution that is affordable. For now this has to work.

    In the photo below he has the disk up on a stool but we had to remove that since our stool wasn’t sturdy enough and kept flipping {translated ~ driving mommy nuts}.  Placing it on the floor {as shown above with the board} is working better because it forces him to sit closer to the edge of his stool which helps with the rocking back and forth on the stool {also drives me nuts}. He prefers the board {above} over the disk {below} right now.

    2nd Grade Homeschool -6384


    Sometimes he uses a hand fidget {the purple spikey ball shown below}, but often for him they become a source of trouble.  It varies from day to day whether it is a distraction or a help.  For some kids it is a BIG help, it’s worth a try! You can also see the hands on math work he is doing, I bring as MUCH as possible for him to do with his hands.  Here’s a simple blog post explaining what a fidget is if you’ve never heard of them.

    2nd Grade Homeschool -6376

    The specific tools we have are listed below and throughout the post.  We have acquired them over the years and have been adding to our collection as we are able to.  Some of these are pricey, so I am putting them in the order we are using them most.

    Putting Krash in gymnastics was one of the best decisions we ever gymnastics meet-1416made, he is now on a competitive team and is thriving in so many ways.  It has given him focus, determination, and helped his self esteem tremendously. If you have a child with boundless energy, I definitely think trying gymnastics is a great idea if you can afford it! It has been way more than just a sport for him, we are so grateful.

    We love our little energizer bunny and are so grateful for the journey we are on with him.  Children blessed with boundless energy are unique and wonderful, I feel it is our job as parents to help them see themselves this way.  Often the world will look at them as being a problem, even close friends and family members will often see them this way. Our positive attitude towards our child’s energy can help them feel more confident in who God made them to be!

    Do you have a child blessed with boundless energy?

    What are some ways you are helping your child?