Lalaloopsy Preschool Fun

Lalaloopsy Preschool Fun

Ladybug isn’t a huge Lalaloopsy fan, but she definitely likes them.  I added in our Lalaloopsy Preschool pack to go along with our Letter L week for some extra fun!  I have an extra low shelf in the schoolroom this year, so I cleaned it off and displayed some of our Lalaloopsy stuff there!  She LOVED it when she walked in! We already had everything except the book, which of course she didn’t even want me to read to her, I picked it up especially for this theme week!  Thankfully, later in the weeks she wanted me to read it!

Home Preschool Lalaloopsy -6692

I put most of the printables in a notebook so she could flip through and choose what she wanted to do with me.  A couple of the printables were on display, the colored matching cards were one.  She chose those first!

Home Preschool Lalaloopsy -6700


She adores the find the difference sheets, so she asked to do that one in the notebook first.

Home Preschool Lalaloopsy -6704

She was free to choose or ignore anything from her theme, here are some of the other things she chose to do…

Q-Tip painting…Home Preschool Letter Lalaloopsy -7152


Dot funHome Preschool Letter Lalaloopsy -7155


Cut, Count, GlueHome Preschool Letter Lalaloopsy -7167


Counting 1-20, and follow the Ll with fingerpaint!Home Preschool Lalaloopsy -7434

Home Preschool Lalaloopsy -7408


Shape matching, also with fingerpaint!Home Preschool Lalaloopsy -7415


Roll and GraphHome Preschool Lalaloopsy -7438

Home Preschool Lalaloopsy -7443


Her completed Lala work…Home Preschool Lalaloopsy -7451


Fin the Lalaloopsy printable pack here {free}

Free Lalaloopsy Printables


More theme printable packs…

Printable Theme Packs

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Lalaloopsy Printables

Lalaloopsy Printables

I have been asked a LOT if I would make Lalaloopsy printables and I have never done it because Ladybug showed no interest.  Recently that all changed.  I don’t even know where she saw them recently or what is different, but she thinks they are adorable now.  Not obsessed, which is a good thing, there’s way too many to buy…although I was pretty Strawberry Shortcake obsessed as a kid!  She asked if we could have a Lalaloopsy week and I knew it was time to create the printables for her and for many of you who wanted these!

There are bound to be typos, just let me know in the comments so I can fix things. These names are crazy, I had to go to Lalaloopsy school just to create the pack!

Free Lalaloopsy Printables


Download the Lalaloopsy Printables Here!

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