New Work Drawer Labels ~ Doc, Despicable Me, & Lego

Work Drawer Labels

I added 3 new sets of 1-12 work drawer labels, Doc McStuffins, Lego, and Despicable Me!

You can download these here!

Doc Work Drawer Labels  Lego Mini Work Drawer Labels  Despicable Me Work Drawer Labels


In case you missed them the first time, you’ll also find these themes on the same download page!

Dinosaur-Work-Drawer-Labels4  Farm-Work-Drawer-Labels4  Fairy-Work-Drawer-Labels4Sofia-Work-Drawer-Labels4  Pirate-Work-Drawer-Labels5  Batman-Drawer-Labels5

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Learn it with Legos!

Days of the Week and Months of the Year with Legos -3262

Months of the year too, or really anything you can think of.  The alphabet, states and capitals, counting, and so much more can be taught using Legos!

Krash has been having a hard time recalling everything he learned during calendar time over the years, mainly the order of the days and months and which was which. He has been VERY into his Legos lately, so I grabbed my Sharpie and a few Legos and got to work. I chose to make them in a color pattern to make it self correcting for him.

He was very impressed and within a day had it all figured out.

Days of the Week and Months of the Year with Legos -3258


Once I felt he was more confident, I mixed the days and months together like this {below}.  First he had to sort them, and then stack them in order! The days are a bit longer than the months, you could make all of them the same size AND color for an even greater challenge!

Days of the Week and Months of the Year with Legos -3252

I have the stacks sitting on a shelf and he has gone back to them on his own several times since I introduced them!

Learning with Legos is a big deal for many kids!  I have tons of other ideas pinned to my Lego Theme board here…image


If you have a Kindergartener who loves Legos, don’t forget I also have a Lego Kindergarten Pack!Lego Kindergarten Printables

Legos Kindergarten Printables

Lego Kindergarten Printables

I have been working on these for awhile now and finally found time to finish the Lego Kindergarten Printables up! I decided to use the Lego mini characters for most of it.  I will be incorporating some of my other Lego finds  for a “Lego Week” in the future!

I hope many of you will be able to enjoy the following activities with your kids!

Using a number line…



Greater than and less than, using the alligator mouth as a visual aid.Slide4


Identifying coins…



Odd and Even, or simply numbers 1-30.  The directions say to use 2 colors of Dot Paint to make a pattern to emphasize odd and even numbers.  You can also just use this as a counting 1-30 mat, be creative!Slide7


Basic Fractions, be sure to use real Legos for this {as a hands-on extension} if you can!!




Matching descriptive sentences…




Easy reader…


Rhyming Words…


Sight Words, fill in the blank, use tracer for younger kids, fill in the blank for older!


Labeling characters…Slide19


Write a sentence…


Lego ABC mat, use this however you want!  I loved the concept and wanted to include it to allow you to be creative!Slide22


I hope many of you can use these new Free Kindergarten Printables and I hope to have more soon! To download this file, look for this button and click on the words below it!


Behind the Scenes ~ Storing Legos

Organizing Legos

Honestly, my boys haven’t been as into Legos as I thought they would be, especially Pac Man.  I always thought he would be my builder, but he ranks Legos in the same category with other activities.  He likes playing and building but isn’t over the moon about it. Organizing Legos hasn’t always been an issue for us, until recently!

Recently Krash got into Legos and I was left with a dilemma…storage.  I began searching the web and was inspired by a few photos I saw, and ultimately went and wandered around Joann Fabric to see what I could find.  I ended up finding the PERFECT solution for us and it was 50% off that day!!!! I bought 3 of these amazing storage bins {yup, Amazon carries the exact model # I got} and hoped it would be enough, it was!Organizing LegosI then set to the fun task {yes I am nuts and I actually enjoyed the sorting} of putting each piece where it belonged.

Organizing LegosOrganizing Legos

When I was finished {yes, the boys helped me too}  I breathed a large organizational sigh of relief and admired the Lego beauty I had created.Organizing Legos


These little containers are genius, as they have handles on them as well and can be flipped all around and the little pieces stay separated.  I set them up on a shelf in our old school room so the boys could build, build, build!  Above the shelf I put 3 trays {yes our Tot Trays}, and told them they could only have 3 different items built at a time.  When they were ready to create something new, they had to break down one that was up.

Organizing Legos

I stored manuals in the little drawers…

Organizing Legos

Gave them a “to be sorted” bin, so if they found Legos around the house, or were in a hurry, could drop them in there.  As you can see it’s already full ;-).  Someone needs to get to sorting.

Organizing Legos

It is working out well for us!

Here are a few of the sets we own and ones that are on our wishlist!


Edited to add {6/2014} We no longer use this method, mostly because we acquired too many Legos!  When we had a smaller amount this method worked great.  We now use a method that works but makes me cringe because it looks messy!  My mom made us one of those lay on the floor mats that cinch up into a bag.