Despicable Me Printable Pack

Despicable Me Printables

When I saw this adorable clipart, I couldn’t resist.  Despicable Me is one of our all time favorite movies and since I hadn’t seen any printable packs, I made one!  I hope many of your Despicable Me fans enjoy this free printable pack, made for Tots – Kindergartners!

Despicable Me Printable Pack

Download the Despicable Me Printables Here!

Clipart is from  ClipArtopia

Looking for more theme based printables, see this post!


Tot school ~ Letter V

~ Ladybug is 41 Months Old ~Tot-School_thumb3


V is for Vulture, but I sure don’t have any stuffed vultures for her to play with!  Since we are doing letter baskets now I don’t have a fancy desk set up to share, but here is her Letter V basket…Animal ABC Letter V-2274

She enjoys digging through it, especially to find the puzzle pieces and then magnets.Animal ABC Letter V-2266

Here she was putting all of the magnets on her Letter Vv Dot Fun. This set is included in the Animal ABC Bundle, or you can purchase the set as a stand alone set for $1.25 on Teacher’s Notebook.Animal ABC Letter V-2269

After it was all out, I arranged it and snapped a pic so you could see what was in it! Alphabet Soup set, ABC peg set, Magnetic Letters, Ladybug Alphabet Puzzle, and more!Animal ABC Letter V-2271

The printable items shown below are all available here on the Animal ABCs webpage. {files are released for free when they are posted on the Totally Tots blog for the ABC feature, letter V is not free yet, but it will be

She was thrilled to do her cutting, and did it with ease!Animal ABC Letter V-2230

We dot painted her letter V…Animal ABC Letter V-2225

Gluing her vultures down…Animal ABC Letter V-2247

She colored all of her vultures and then Krash hid the for her to find…

Animal ABC Letter V-2231 Animal ABC Letter V-2250

She colored and worked on all of her other Letter V extras, I just forgot to take any pics!

We are back to doing All About Reading Pre Level 1 once a week.  I am not expecting mastery from Ladybug, just using this program as a way to expose her to the Big Five Skills.

She totally shocked me this week.  The lesson was sorting 1, 2, and 3 syllable words.All About Reading Syllable Sort-2264

I thought certainly this would be a model and follow lesson.  Oh was I ever wrong.  I showed her one time and she did them all.  After a few cards in I quickly grabbed my phone to take a video!

Learning-Toys_thumbShe is very into making letter with whatever she has.  Here she was showing me the T she made with our Measuring Motors roads…Homeschool-2186

“Wook Mommy, wettah L!”Homeschool-2187

Seeing how much fun she was having, I got out our How to Build an A book and supplies, she loved it!Homeschool-2194

Wedgits building…Homeschool-2204

We made long patterns with learning links. She was unhooking the chains for me so we could use certain colors in our pattern.Homeschool-2206

Our new Color Cubes from Learning Resources were her favorite activity this week!  She sat with me for so long and would have continued if we would have had more time! 

Learning Resources Color Cubes-2236 Learning Resources Color Cubes-2245Learning Resources Color Cubes-2239 Learning Resources Color Cubes-2243


I am working on a more organized way to manage the apps we use for school time.  An idea I am testing out right now is printables, cut into cards to show the apps I want her working on.  You can see the sleeve of choices to the right on the table.  I DO plan to share this full idea and our feedback as soon as I can.  I will also share the printables and a how-to-make-your-own! Already she was reminded of a beloved app I think she had recently forgotten about, The ABC’s of God.  She saw the image in her choices and picked it first!Homeschool iPad Apps-2256

After sitting at my desk for awhile, she moved to the bean bag! {her purple tray is here, but get it at Michaels if you can, it’s only 4.99 or less with a coupon!} Homeschool iPad Apps-2259

She also loves BINGO Junior and had asked k for a bit of help here…Homeschool-2208

Another iPad favorite is our Readeez videos.  She loves these so much, so do I! {she has the iPad propped up in an old photo frame stand}Homeschool-2215

  • Favorite Apps ~ Part 1
  • Favorite Apps ~ Part 2
  • Our iPad Cases
  • How I Find Free Apps {that usually cost $$}
  • Our Squaretrade Warranty Experience


    My girl is gonna learn to read simply by sitting in on her brother’s All About Reading and Spelling lessons!  Anytime she sees me doing them with him, she scoots herself close by and just soaks it in.  It really is crazy how drawn she is to this.All About Spelling-2284


    Ladybug’s week on Instagram {I am using Printsgram to make the layout for the week!}


    We are 1plus1plus1 on Instagram, follow us here!


    Friday is our day off and this past one I spent the day CLEANING massively while Daddy hung out with kiddos!  At one point I walked down and saw this…homeschool-2300


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  • Tot School ~ Letter Vv

    ~Ladybug is currently 30.5 months old~



    Tot School Printables V is for Volcano

    Letter: Vv

    Object: Volcano

    Vocabulary Development Theme: Landforms

    You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

    You will see below that she went on a Tot School blitz and wanted to do almost all of her activities in one sitting!  We kept going until she said all done.  A few of them we did again throughout the week too.

    Coloring volcanoes….IMG_6630

    Writing letter Vv, which she insisted was a W, now she knows the difference!IMG_6632


    Dot painting her letters,IMG_6641

    Tracing in the dry erase center, she did this MANY times!IMG_6644

    We worked on naming landforms and surprisingly, she loved this!IMG_6604

    At a different time, she decided to write “letters” on them by herself.  Earlier one of the activities we did with them was to say the name ‘”waterfall” and I would write the beginning sound on the board on top of the image to emphasize the sound.  She must have liked this because she did it on her own later!IMG_6649

    Numbers on the cookie sheet with magnetic pom poms…IMG_6671

    Numbers again, this time writing them as we count…loving our new click Expo markers{which also work beautifully on the dry erase center}IMG_6859

    Letter Vv printables here!

    Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter V


    Tot-Trays262222222222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[1]

    She had non-themed shelves this week, filled with fun learning toys.  I forgot to take a photo of the shelf set up and didn’t get many action shots of her playing!  Here’s what I did capture…

    Wooden fraction puzzlesIMG_6745

    Magnetic stacking rings, she was trying so hard to match the picture with me…IMG_6747

    Number Clip Cards, we worked with these together..IMG_6748

    Easel drawing in her new winter hat, which she loves and won’t take off.

    IMG_6611  IMG_6616


    My girl is having a bit of iPad withdrawal.  She recently dropped it and the screen cracked and spider webbed across.  Boo.  BUT, I bought an awesome warranty from Square Trade and they are fixing it!  I plan to review the process after it is complete, I am actually a bit excited to be able to review their service!  I know how hard it is for people to find good warranties, and although I’d rather not have to use mine, I would love to let you know what I think now that I have to!

    Here’s the last iPad shot I have, of her playing Tickle TapIMG_6471

    I am currently pinning new iPad case options more appropriate to protect it from children, since they use it WAY more than I originally planned.  You can see the ones I am checking out here!  f you have one you love and it can withstand drops, leave me a comment!

    Meanwhile, technology is all around us, here she was watching Speekee Spanish ~ which she still loves and asks for often.IMG_6472

    We did some of our PowerPoint shows together and I taught her how to click the spacebar to advance the slides.  Here she as watching the Colors show.IMG_6479

    She thought she was big stuff.IMG_6484


    I totally forgot to share her Halloween costume, she was a girly pirate, to match Krash!  We went to our local children’s museum to play and trick or treat a little bit!

    IMG_6292 IMG_6286


    How to Train Your Dragon Printables ~ Preschool Pack

    How To Train Your Dragon Printables

    Awhile back I created a Preschool Pack for Krash based on the movie, “How to Train Your Dragon.”  It is a simple set of dragon printables featuring preschool level skills.  It has just a  few activities and would be perfect for any of you who have dragon lovers like my Krash! I completely forgot to link up and share the pack until now!  I don’t even have many photos of him when he completed it, but I did find these!

    IMG_3125  IMG_3122

    Here are a few of the other items in the pack…

    Dragon Color By Number  Dragon Sorting  Dragon Tracing

    There is also a patterning set, a D is for Dragon sheet, and cards to spell the word DRAGON {both upper and lowercase}.  You can download the How to Train Your Dragon Preschool Pack on the website!  You can see other available Preschool Packs hereTot Books and Packs are also great for preschoolers!

    Check out what other preschoolers are doing over at Preschool Corner!

    Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Vv

    Raising Rock Stars Preschool letter V

    Rock stars This is the main section of our preschool posts-focusing on what we do for our Raising Rock Stars Preschool Curriculum. I am not sharing photos of each part every week, just what I happen to catch! We do the entire unit even if I don’t show it here in the photos!

    Our letter this week ~ Vv, our verse: Verily verily I say unto you, he that believeth on me shall have everlasting life.

    This verse is a bit complex and honestly I would have switched it to NIV if it weren’t for the V in Verily ;-). I did not push the exact word for word memorization of this verse as much as the meaning. We talked about everlasting life and what this means. You will see that the unit itself focuses on Jesus being the one and only way!!!

    Krash enjoyed using his new Bat Man markers to color his Bible Verse Coloring SheetIMG_4692



    Cutting his vocabulary cards…IMG_4694

    Cutting his verse…IMG_4751Taping is a VERY favorite activity and he now does very well with it. IMG_4753After completing his verse, he asked me to put it on his head. He told me he was a pirate. 😉IMG_4757

    He wore his pirate Bible verse hat while he worked on his tracing…IMG_4780



    Cutting out his ONE WAY JESUS arrow craft…IMG_4858

    We also did our PowerPoint several times for this lesson. The Power Point lessons are located in the Members Only section. You can see a video here showing a PowerPoint lesson. You can learn more about the Members Only section here. The entire printable unit {everything else you see pictured above} is available for FREE on the main RRSP page…

    You can download the entire letter Vv unit here.

    techy time

    We reviewed our Armor of God PowerPointIMG_4350

    He also worked with our new Fun ABC Power Point showIMG_4351

    Both shows are located in our Members Only area.

    in the box

    {A few things that were in his preschool workboxes for the week, not all activities are pictured}

    Mr. Crunch from our Grashopper Preschool Prep Kit has become a FAST favorite. We were sent this awesome Getting Our Hands Ready kit to review and have just begun by using Mr. Crunch. Krash loves this! What’s the point you ask? Mr. Crunch is designed to strengthen those little hand muscles in a fun way!!! You pinch his face and his mouth opens to eat the “bugs” which are similar to mini erasers.



    We also played with the dough and mini dough stamps. He loved this! You’d think the boy had never played with PlayDoh before! This dough is different than PlayDoh, he really liked it. The kit comes with a container of the dough, a rolling pin and these little stamps. K loved using his muscles to roll the dough out and then creating patterns with the stamps.


    IMG_5055Stay tuned, you’ll be seeing more of this awesome kit! It is filled with activities to get those adorable little hands ready!

    We played memory with our new Shape cardsIMG_4301

    We also did a few extra V activities! We focused mostly on V is for vegetables, since that’s what most of our V activities were based around. We read tons of vegetable books too!

    Vv’s on a Play Doh matIMG_4974

    Counting vegetables and matching them to the correct wheelbarrow… IMG_5070

    He dot painted V is for VegetablesIMG_4760

    We did one of the ABC Crafts from Totally Tots. We made the V craft, I forgot to snap a picture of it, so here’s the image from TT ;-)…image



    star boxes This is where I share the 3 special open-ended toys that were in our Star Boxes for the week.

    Our 3 STAR boxes for the week: Foam ABCs, Lincoln Logs, and Learning Links. IMG_4982



    game timeOur game this week was Zingo. Zingo is a fun and very simple game, which is right up my alley.

    Krash likes Zingo a lot. He asked to just “play” by himself a lot. We also played together just about every day! Skills we focused on while playing Zingo…

    • Print awareness…I used the cards to point out the words under the pictures,
    • Beginning sounds…we talked about several of the cards as we played them and I asked K casually what sound he heard at the beginning of the word.
    • Small muscle skills-needed to properly make the card thingy slide each time. K really had to focus on this to get it right.
    • Taking turns, being polite, being a good loser!

    IMG_4294 See more of our favorite preschool games here.

    Life School This is where I share games, toys, and life experiences that occur outside of our planned preschool time.

    Feeding each dinosaur 1 piece of our felt food. This boy love to count and line things up!!IMG_4133

    Stacking cups continue to be a favorite around here. K has begun trying to stack pyramids himself now…IMG_4369

    He mostly likes to knock them down though!!!IMG_4781

    A bit of sword fighting…boys will be boys {and I love it!}


    K isn’t my book lover {that’s Ladybug}, but every now and then he gets engrossed in a certain book. This day it happened to be our Pets book from Usborne.IMG_4684

    The boys had a blast playing rocket ship in our empty box {the same box that was used for the slimy pit}. The imagination and creativity I overheard was awesome! They went on all sorts of adventures.IMG_4925

    Then they decided they would decorate their rocket. {yes this is a view in our new schoolroom. The boys are standing in the new dining room, and down below them is the new school room} IMG_4932

    Krash got to go to the Reading Rocks party at our church this year! He didn’t participate in the full program {next year he will, it’s ages 5-12} but he did come one day so we let him come to the celebration. He was thrilled to get his certificate… IMG_4826VERY proud of his backpack!!!!IMG_4844

    There’s my boys with the whole group of kids this year! Each one is sporting a brand new backpack LOADED with school supplies!!!! IMG_4850 ~Reading Rocks is a program I developed at our inner city church to motivate kids to read!!! This was our 6th year hosting the program!!!

    We are still Minute to Win It fans. I catch the boys practicing on their own sometimes. Here they set up their own version of Sticker Picker UpperIMG_4371



    Moms fav

    Pac taught K how to swing on his rings…







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