Cut, Mix, Sort, and Glue Alphabet Review

The kids I am teaching are working on letter identification and beginning sounds. You can see our Kindergarten homeschool plans here! I created this review activity for them to review the letters we have learned. We are about 3 weeks into our learning together, see all of our posts featuring this adventure here!


Option #1

The first option is a simple worksheet with boxes at the top and an uppercase letter in each box. The bottom has a cutting strip featuring the lowercase letters and two items that begin with that letter.

The child cuts out the items and mixes them up. If you want a one-time use activity – have your child sort and glue in the boxes. If you want a multi-use activity, laminate the page and use it again and again!


Option #2

The other option features four large letters on a page and small items to cut out on a different page. There are 2 lowercase letters for each letter as well as four different items that begin with the letter.

This activity is a bit more difficult due to the extra items to glue on. Your child will cut them out {or you can}, mix them up, sort them, and glue them on the appropriate letter! This makes a nice poster to hang up or keep in a notebook for review!


There are a couple of ways to get your hands on this!

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Beginning Sound Mazes ~ A, B, C FREE!


Beginning Sound Mazes Printables

We have a fun new set of printables for you that I have been working on for years! Yes, years! Well, it didn’t take me that long to create them, but the idea came to me years ago, I started them and never finished until now! These all new Beginning Sound Mazes are a new way to have fun with beginning sounds! Perfect for many Kindergartners, 1st graders and even some preschoolers.

So, how do you use them?


Beginning Sound Mazes (1 of 1)


The control charts should only be needed if the child needs assistance. They are also a great tool on their own without the mazes!

Beginning Sound Mazes (3 of 5)

There are many different ways to have fun with these mazes. Your child can simply use a pencil, crayons or markers to mark each dot. Or try one of these creative ideas: Dot Paint, dot stickers, finger paint, KwikStix, Dry Erase Activity Center, or magnets with a cookie sheet!

Beginning Sound Mazes Creative Ideas

See some of our favorite tools from Amazon below {jump to blog if reading in email}

Download A, B and C for free here!

Want to buy the entire set?

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Beginning Sound Mazes


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Preschool at Home ~ Letter K

Each week I will share 2-3 posts sharing our home preschool learning.  This post is only sharing our letter focused work. If we have a theme of the week, it will be a separate post too.  All of our general play based learning will be in a final weekly wrap up post called, “Learning with Ladybug.”  I am separating out the posts to make them easier for people to find down the road when searching for specific letter/theme activities.  See our entire home preschool plan here!

Home Preschool Letter K

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links are used in this post}

We are continuing to have a letter focus each week, and for our first week back to school we picked up where we left off and began with Letter K!

My favorite part of our letter study is definitely our ABC Baskets.  I love how much she enjoys digging through them.  We play a lot together during the week exploring the contents.Home Preschool -6645

She doesn’t ask to do the lacing much, but she did this week and completed the entire kite!

Home Preschool -6301

With a little help from Momma! She gets easily frustrated with lacing.

Home Preschool -6304


Since my girl loves to do guided crafts with me, I am trying to choose 2 per week that either connect to our letter of the week or our theme {if we have a special theme}.  This week I chose to make a kite based off of what I saw in this post, and from the idea in our Home Art Studio Rose Windows.

Home Preschool -6408

I sealed the colors in between wax paper when she was done.

Home Preschool -6416

I just drew a kite shape on cardstock and cut 2 out for her.  She painted each one.

Home Preschool -6418

The next day we glued it all together and I laminated it for her, and we added a string.

She was pretty bummed that it wasn’t a flying kite, but she spun around and figured out to make it fly! I showed her how pretty it looked in the window, and she liked that!

Home Preschool -6553  Home Preschool -6554


I also chose a Koala craft, which she chose to paint glittery gold!

Home Preschool -6581

I cut it out for her, {she cut one arm and then asked me to finish it}, and she helped me with the glue.

Home Preschool -6621

She chose to give him a sad face and when I asked her why, she said, “Because his tree is broke.” Love my girl.Home Preschool -6633



I created a binder with all of the printables I chose and allowed her to flip through and choose something to do.  It wasn’t until the last day that I had to do some major encouraging to get her to do a letter activity with me.

I was surprised to see that she enjoyed a letter maze, since she had lost interest in these mostly.  I think the Q tip was the ticket!

Home Preschool -6298


I wanted to add in a few new alphabet printables to see if Ladybug enjoyed them.  Right around the time I was choosing, I got an email from Lavinia who offered to send me her letter packs for free {she sells the on TPT}.  I instantly saw a few activities in the over 80 page file that I thought my girl would enjoy!  I was right on most of my choices!  The activities shown below are all from her Letter K pack which is available here. The packs are a bit pricey, so if you want to be sure you would use it, she has an entire Letter B pack for free here.

She loved the “letter soup” as we called it.  She used a Q tip to paint all of the upper and lower case K’s the correct colors.

Home Preschool -6294


I love this simple sentence building activity, and so did Ladybug.  We did it together many times on the first day and she went back to it a few times on her own. Home Preschool -6300

We added in our swatter to help isolate words as she read.

Home Preschool -6548


She loved the activity below WAY more than I expected.  She had to find only the words that start with K and color those.  She loved going through them all with me and telling me yes or no!  It took her 2 days to complete them all and I helped her color a couple.Home Preschool -6309


I decided to try a different version of letter tracing to see if she liked it better, she did!  She didn’t choose it, but when I encouraged her and gave her pink and purple markers, she dove right in and enjoyed it!

Home Preschool -6626


ABC Find It! is a favorite still, so we had fun with that of course!

Home Preschool -6542

Digging in rice to find her cards is FUN!Home Preschool -5305

We displayed them in her pocket chart when we were finished…Home Preschool -6543


Our All About Reading Pre lesson for lowercase k was a kite, which she was thrilled about!

Home Preschool -5300

Home Preschool -5301


Our finished Letter K work!  The little flip book at the top was one activity she didn’t care for, so I colored it and we read it together {it was also from the Letter K bundle I linked to earlier}.

Home Preschool -6635


See more Letter K ideas on our K is for Pinterest board, and even more ABC ideas on my ABC Ideas board!

Letter K Pinterest Board  ABC Ideas on Pinterest


See more theme based printables to go with the Letter K here!

Theme Printables K through O

Visit Preschool Corner to see more home preschool families!

Bury It! Fun with Phonics


A simple bin filled with rice has provided my kids with hours and hours of entertainment. This is by far their favorite “sensory bin” and it is the easiest one I have made! Burying things in rice and digging them back out again is attractive to most kids, which is where the bury it idea came from for my ABC Find It! activity.

Recently Ladybug has really been enjoying this rice bin for another use, burying her mini alphabet collection objects and digging them out again!

I keep our mini letter objects in a plastic drawer system I got at Home Depot {I think} and it randomly fit inside of a canvas box my mom had {no clue where it came from}. I got the idea for creating a mini drawer set from Counting Coconuts years ago! I won’t bother explaining it all, since she did such a great job, visit her blog for details!


Each week I pull out the little drawer and use it along with our ABC Basket.


The whole burying idea came from Ladybug and once she started, she has asked to do it every week since, with her new mini collection. Sometimes I have bigger items in her ABC Basket and she will add those in too.


She is pretty specific about it being animals and tiny objects, no actual letters are allowed, although I always try!

All sorts of learning happens with the burying, we do tons of oral phonics work while we play together, it really is so simple and she learns so much.


Eventually we will take things up a notch and combine 2 or more sets of objects and sort them. I have always done this {with my boys}, but never with the rice bin! The rice adds a simple element of fun and attraction for her and entices her to want to work on phonics skills with me. Most of the time she has no clue she is even learning, she is just playing in the bin!


Note: Ladybug has never put small objects in her mouth {none of my kids did as tots/babies, which shocks me}, and she is very good at keeping the rice contained. Krash on the other hand, would have had it everywhere at this age! Use rice with discretion {and a blanket/sheet}!

Hands on the Alphabet

Hands on the Alphabet

Recently I have been sharing in our Tot School posts about our ABC Baskets, and bins.

Animal ABC Letter V Letter T Bin

We use baskets and bins, and in the past with Krash I have used an even simpler method, as you can see below with the items just on a tray {photo from this post}…

Tot School Letter P

I have had a few readers ask me to share specifically a list of toys/items that would be good for these baskets.  During this phase of our homeschool life, I am sorting a few of our toys out by letter, rather than keeping the set together.  First I will share the exact items we own, which I have separated out by letter into gallon size Ziplock baggies, for easy prep when setting up for the new school week.

Letter Collection

I will be continuing with the alphabet baskets/bins through Animal ABCs with Ladybug, and then through Raising Rock Stars Preschool {we will begin shortly after completing Animal ABCs}.

We own the following, click to see where to purchase…

Alpha Tales Set  Abc  Alphabet Soup CansMatch It ABC  Shure Fishing ABC  abc pegsLadybug Alphabet Puzzle  Alphabet Counstruction Set  How to Build an ALeapfrog abc  abc flashcards  Little Zoo  Alphabet Mats


We do not own the following, but if you are looking to purchase a few things, these look great!

ABC Bean Bags  alex abc  ABC Puzzles  ABC Puzzle Cards  abc memory  Lace abcs  Alphabet Puzzles  Puzzle Boards ABCAbc wooden set  alex abc puzzles  abc pegboards lowercase  ABC Pegboards  Wooden ABC puzzles  Alpha Pops

Before you purchase things, be sure to think about what you already have!  ABC flashcard sets, magnetic letters, foam alphabet puzzles, and small items that begin with certain letters. Another note-not all kids will be into this. Krash could have cared less about my alphabet collections, Ladybug absolutely LOVES them. 

A few FAQ…

Why are letter collections a good idea?

It is a fun way to expose not only letter identification, but also the sounds a letter makes. It keep the phonics learning fun and playful, but at the same time creates a hands on connection to many items that begin with that letter. Young children learn well by touching, hearing, seeing, and engaging as fully as possible with something. These collections give your child the chance to do all of those, especially when you interact with the items alongside of your child {emphasizing the sounds and letter}.


What in the world do I DO once I have it all set up?

Sit on the floor and PLAY with the contents, with your child.  Child not interested?  Play quietly {put puzzles together, say names of objects, etc.} and see if your child may become interested.  Try an active game of hide the objects!  Even the most reluctant child usually enjoys a good game of hide and seek!  Hide the objects around the room and as your child finds them, have him/her yell out the letter/name!  There are no rules, even if your child just sits and “plays” with the stuff, s/he is learning!


What if I only have a few items for a collection?

That’s fine!  We just have a lot due to me being a former teacher, homeschooling for 6 years, and grandparents who are generous in purchasing school related toys for us.  Even if you don’t have a lot, and can’t afford to buy more {or don’t want to}, that’s fine!  You can print images, draw images, and maybe even make index cards with fancy letters drawn on them in fun colors.  Think creatively and you’ll find that purchasing more stuff isn’t even necessary!

More Letter Collection Ideas…

I have more ABC ideas here on my Pinterest board

ABC Pinterest Board

You will find letter bins from Spell Outloud, Nuturing Naters, and Playing House. Get even more ideas for small objects beginning with each letter on this series of posts from Counting Coconuts. I was inspired by those posts to create our own ABC box, you can see ours in action here.

Alphabet Box

No matter how large or small, how uniquely creative or simple ~ learning letters and sounds can be playful and fun!  Do you have a fun way you play with letters featured on your blog?  Feel free to leave a link to a post of yours in the comments!  Do you make letter bins, letter baskets, letter boxes, or anything similar?  I’d love to see your versions!