Skylanders Giants 1st Grade Printables

My son loves Skylanders, last year I made him a set of Skylanders Kindergarten printables and we had a special Skylanders theme week!

Skylanders K Printables



This year we added in the Skylanders Giants thanks to Christmas time, and he was struggling with a few specific 1st grade skills so I made some simple printables for him to use. Specific skills addressed: tally marks, digraphs {sh, ch, th, tch, wh}, _ight words, syllables, addition}.  I chose the skills addressed based on his current needs, I hope some of you who have Skylanders fans might be able to use them also!

There is a Roll and Record set, which also include a simple 1-5 recording sheet since Ladybug got jealous.

Skylanders Roll and Record

He LOVED these and within one day his tally mark skills were amazing!  His struggles with tally marks inspired me to create these!

Skylanders Printables-6548

Skylanders Printables-6552


The Dot Fun set is less appealing to Krash, he enjoys the game aspect of the set above!

Skylanders Dot Fun


Here’s a couple of videos of us working on the Roll and Record. I have been asked to make more in-action video clips, so I am going to try to do that more often!



We use the Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center with the Roll and Record, and use Dot Paint with the Dot Fun set!

Dry Erase Center   dot paint 


~> Download the Skylanders Giants Printables here! <~

New Easy Readers

I can’t believe I waited so long to bring this idea of Easy Readers for the iPad to reality.  I thought up the idea many months ago, just had it on my creating to-do list.  My kids are devouring these books.  It’s all Ladybug wants to read now!  Krash requested Skylanders and Batman, those were easy since I already had graphics!  Ladybug loves My Little Pony, and Care Bears-so I found some images and put those together for her!  I also wanted to make one focusing on emotions, so I did that one too! I imagine there will be many more, the kids are firing off requests to me and I love that they are wanting to read!

Care Bears Easy Reader  I Feel Easy Reader  My Little Pony Easy Reader

Skylanders Easy Reader s  Batman Easy Reader

You can download these and any other easy readers I add for FREE here on the Easy Readers Webpage!

More info about how to download to your device here!

Kindergarten with Krash … Skylanders


You Can Read: review

RRSK: Letter Mm {I have NO photos of it!}

Theme: Skylanders


We used assessment and review materials from You Can Read.  He has completed all 18 of the base units!  We are taking a break fro You Can Read as a whole, but may bring in the color and number word units soon.  We will be focusing on lots of review at this point in the school year, and playing tons of word games.

Here he was reading words, IMG_1924

he was thrilled that he knew more words this time around!IMG_1933

He did the 10 minute writing word assessment also and was thrilled with how many words he could write!IMG_1929

This is the Teacher’s Prompt sheet.  All of these assessment materials and more are a part of the You Can Read Bundle!IMG_1930

Check out Word Play ideas here, and add yours!


We began reviewing All About Reading Level 1 awhile ago, and Krash continues to make consistent progress.  You can read more about why we are choosing to review this homeschool reading program here in our “Current Curriculum” post {see FAQ}.

I wrote a lot about our initial thoughts and experiences with AAR in this Kindergarten with Krash post.

I plan to up our All About Reading work now that our You Can Read work is complete.  We didn’t do any All About Reading work during Skylanders time, as he was VERY into Skylanders and I worked in his reading practice through the theme!

Skylanders Kindergarten Printables

Our Skylanders school theme lasted for 2 weeks, he absolutely LOVED it!IMG_1553

Matching names, using our mini pocket chart, and his Skylanders…IMG_1737


Dot painting fractions…IMG_1650

I made him Skylander paper for his Morning Messages, he LOVED this! {I just copied clipart onto plain lined paper using Publisher.}IMG_1592

Matching rhyming words…IMG_1596

Matching descriptive sentences…IMG_1597

Seriously, does it get any better than this?  He was working on cutting out the SKylanders to sort them…IMG_1607

Taping names in the correct boxes…IMG_1748

He used our Rainbow Blocks a LOT to make different forts for his Skylanders, this was just one of them!IMG_1651

One day I looked over and saw the Skylanders using my slippers as transportation devices…IMG_1834


Here he was copying his Bible verse in his Calendar Notebook on the left, and on the right he was working on a drawing from our Draw, Write, Now book…

IMG_1762 IMG_1772

He loves the We Choose Virtues characters.  He always asks to look at the cards!IMG_1773

We finished up learning a lot about Brazil & South America through Little Passports.  This sheet is from Montessori Print Shop, we used it to identify South American animals together!IMG_1780

My little block builderIMG_1906

iPad learning fun, always fun to see where and how he chooses to sit!IMG_2025


I get asked a lot about our case-it’s the Trident Kraken II and yes we love it! Educational iPad Apps here, also, iPad Apps-part 2!  The stylus we have that he uses sometimes is this one.

A few items we used…

Visit Preschool Corner {& 5K too} for more fun learning ideas!

Skylanders Kindergarten Printables

I shared this new Skylanders Kindergarten Pack on my Facebook page last week!  Krash is in love with Skylanders and requested a Skylanders school week.  I got busy and the hugs and screams of excitement I got when he saw it made it ALL worth it! If you have a kid like Krash, you might get some big hugs with this one too!

If you are clueless, Skylanders is a video game.  My husband and I bought it on a whim for the boys for Christmas-they had never even heard of it.  It took about a month and then they were really into it.  Our whole family loves it, even Ladybug!


I hope many of you will be able to enjoy the following activities with your kids!

Identifying coins, I added in a few other sheets as we are getting into this with Krash…



Basic Fractions…





Matching descriptive sentences…



Rhyming Words…



Krash is learning digraphs in All About Reading, so I added an activity focusing on that for him…



Labeling characters…Slide17

Fill in the Blanks…Slide18


Write a sentence…Slide19


3-part cards, use for matching words to images or play a memory game with them!



Download your FREE Skylanders printables here on our Kindergarten Printables webpage.  Scroll down and look for this graphic to find the download link!