Tot Tray Ideas ~ Transferring

Welcome to our collection of Tot Tray™ ideas featuring TRANSFERRING ideas.

Transfer Tot Tray Ideas Collection

What is transferring?

It’s  moving one object or a group of objects from one place to another. This can be done using a variety of materials and can be changed up to engage interest quite easily!

You can set up many different transfer Tot Trays, they are one of the easiest to set up and can be as basic or elaborate as you want!

Transferring helps with real practical life skills, teaching young children hand to eye coordination. It is also great for fine motor skill development.


What You Need for Transfer Tot Trays ~

  • a transfer material {pom poms are a very easy one}
  • something to transfer with {tongs, tweezers, spoon, etc.}
  • a container to transfer from and into {we use ice cube trays, paint trays, bowls, etc.}

    Here’s some ideas to get your brain spinning!

    Transfer Tot Tray Tools

Some Transferring Tot Tray Ideas

Note ~  All ideas are presented with the understanding that you are playing WITH your tot, these are not all independent activities as some of the items are choking hazards. Please only use ideas that you feel comfortable with and feel you can ensure your tot’s safety.

Here my daughter was transferring little spikey balls {which were sea urchins for our ocean theme} from one bowl to other bowls.  She was also sorting by color. She is using a melon baller spoon to do this transfer.

Tot Tray Transfer Spikey Balls with Melon Baller Spoon


Below you see my daughter transferring ping pong balls from the metal container to the paint tray using a pair of mini tongs.

Tot Tray Transfer Ping Pong Balls with Tongs


Below Ladybug is using tweezers to transfer pom poms into and ice cube tray.  She LOVED these little plastic tweezers!

Tot Tray Transferring Pom Poms using  Tweezers


You can see Krash using tongs with smaller paint trays and pom poms below, the tongs shown below are from a bug collection set we had years ago.

Tot Tray Transfer Pom Poms with Tongs


Large tongs  and large pom poms are certainly an option too and provide a unique challenge for different arm muscles!

Tot Tray Transfer Pom Poms with Tongs


Below she was transferring marbles using tongs, into an recycled frozen baby food tray

Tot Tray Transfer Marbles with Tongs


Krash is using the mini tongs to transfer mini erasers into two cups {he was sorting the fish and turtles}.Tot Tray Transferring Mini Erasers with Tongs


Below he was using the same tongs to transfer bigger erasers into small glass cups {tealight holders form Ikea}, working on one to one correspondence {counting one item at a time}Tot Tray Transferring Mini Erasers with Tongs

See more transferring ideas here on our Tot Tray Ideas ~ Transferring Pinterest Board

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The Ultimate Tot Tray Idea Collection

Tot Tray Ideas ~ The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Tot Tray Idea Collection

I am so excited to launch a brand new series featuring Tot Tray™ ideas from me and from YOU!  Tot Trays are a simple twist on a very old Montessori idea involving a contained work area for young children. The trays are my version of this, making it simple to implement at home. I developed the term Tot Trays years ago to describe the variation I was using at home with my son, and went on to use with my daughter

Tot Tray ~ Droping Chips into a Container


What are Tot Trays?

  • a tray your child can work on, providing a clearly defined work space
  • an activity presented visually on the tray so children can choose from a variety of options, promoting a child-led early childhood environment
  • easy to clean up for a young child due to the contained space of the tray, promoting independence

It’s really simple, but can get as complex as you choose.  It’s just an idea for creating a child-led environment which promotes early learning skills through play.  That’s the entire goal of Tot School, and Tot Trays are just an extension of Tot School.  You can read much more about Tot Trays here in my original post from years ago!

What Are Tot Trays


The concept of Tot Trays has spread far and wide across the Internet and that excites me!  There are many blogs who feature their own Tot Tray ideas and I would love to pull these ideas together here! I am developing a series of posts which will feature a linky for you to link up your specific idea{s} for the Tot Tray category.

Transferring Ping Pong Balls Tot Tray

We will all work together to create a massive collection in one place, so you can find ideas quickly and be inspired by all of those who are using Tot Trays with their tots and sharing ideas.

Tot Tray Set Up

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The Ultimate Tot Tray Idea Collection


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