Typesy Homeschool Review

Typesy Homeschool Review

{disclaimer ~ this is a sponsored post and we were given access to Typesy Homeschool for this review}

I must confess, I never learned proper typing skills. I wish I had paid attention and learned, but I still wing it, even as an adult who works on a computer. I am peeking at my hands while typing this. When Typesy contacted me about reviewing their Typesy Homeschool product, I jumped at the chance. I was initially very impressed with their website, and the idea of getting to improve my own typing skills and also teaching my kids was a big win in my book!

Incorrect typing technique makes kids do everything more slowly when working on a computer. Correct touch typing makes it easier to type assignments, do research, and communicate. Typesy Homeschool includes a comprehensive curriculum based on the science of muscle memory and structured repetition. It includes step-by-step video teaching, effective exercises, and fun games. typesy-box-hs

As a parent, you have complete visibility and easy control – you are the teacher of your own mini homeschool class with Typesy. You can control every aspect of your child’s learning, assignment, and assessment. Typesy constantly monitors your child’s progress and adapts to their needs. Each lesson is customized for their current skill level. I loved how it progressed slowly, giving enough time to master each section.


Typesy uses the latest video technology to give students ultra-personal help. All instruction comes from your child’s personal teacher in stunning video quality.

Typesy Homeschool Review

Typesy’s game-like experience offers rewards and game status for achieving typing goals. Kids can build their avatars, collect points, and play games – all while they learn to type like a pro. Even I enjoyed many of the games!


Typesy stores everything in the cloud and all your computers automatically stay in sync. You get unlimited installs on all your Windows, Mac, iPad and Chromebook devices. Start training on one device, and continue right where you left off on the next.

Before introducing Typesy to my daughter, who is in 4th grade, I tried it out myself. After all, I need practice too. I absolutely LOVE it. Honestly. It is simple, well organized, not too ‘cutesy’ and it is very effective. I can’t say I loved the repetition but I know it is good for me. I played a few of the games, and those were really fun.

Typesy Homeschool Review-3

My daughter gave it a try and it was very helpful. She caught on quickly thanks to the great video instruction. She did get pretty frustrated with her WPM and accuracy, but I encouraged her to just do her best at her own pace. You can control the goals for WPM and accuracy, so I probably need to lower them so she doesn’t feel discouraged. I can’t say she loves typing as a subject, she’s pretty strong-willed and would rather just do things her way. Hmmmm, wonder where she got that from?

We plan to continue using Typesy, even if she doesn’t particularly want to learn to type properly. I’m fun like that. I plan to continue using it myself also. Maybe I can finally reach my goal of never looking at my hands when I type! I definitely recommend Typesy Homeschool if you are looking for a typing program.

Want to give Typesy a try?

You can see purchasing options if you scroll down on this page! I love that they have a small or large homeschool family option!

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TypeTastic! ~ Play Your Way Into Typing!

TypeTastic Typing for Kids

{disclaimer ~ this is a sponsored post for TypeTastic!}

Have you wanted to teach your kids typing skills? I know I have and out of the blue I got an email asking me to review and share a FREE site focused on teaching typing skills through games for elementary students. TypeTastic! is a fabulous fit for my daughter who is 8, and we love it! You too can give this program a try for free!

TypeTastic! (1 of 1)

First, what is TypeTastic! and what makes it different from other typing programs for kids? TypeTastic! takes a new, pedagogic approach which guides the child step by step resulting in fluent keyboarding skills.

The keyboard is mapped into nine, color-coded groups. For children, it’s much easier to memorize the keys in groups than individually.


It is no secret that kids love learning by playing colorful, cute games. However, good learning games must have a clear, pedagogical approach and build on each other forming a solid learning path. In the first Keyboard Builder game, the kids will start by actually building a keyboard which will help them to map out the keyboard visually. The next Frog Pond Patrol game guides your eye movements to find the correct key effectively. In the third Cupcake Bugs game, kids start actively remembering the location of the keys with the help of visual key groups.

TypeTastic Games

After this, the kids move on to tapping the actual keyboard, and the upcoming games in development now will introduce how to type words and sentences fluently.

TypeTastic for Schools {including HOMEschools}

Teachers {including homeschool teachers} can now sign up to use the Ad-free Edition for free for the 2017-2018 school year and the foreseeable future. After the trial, it’s up to the teacher to decide if they want to pay a small subscription fee or keep going for free by switching to an ad-sponsored mode.

TypeTastic for Schools

They also offer a broader, subscription-based Typing Quest K-12 Keyboarding course that includes all TypeTastic! Games, dashboard, reporting, SSO, etc. TypingQuest can be found at www.typingquest.com.

The mission is to make TypeTastic! available for everyone. That’s why TypeTastic.com is completely free with Coppa compliant ads. Kids can just go to the site and start practicing right away. However, we also know that many teachers would prefer to go ad-free and to serve the needs of our TypeTastic! community better, we are offering Ad-free Edition for Schools. The Ad-free Edition has all the 150+ levels available at TypeTastic.com, just without ads, and more games are already on the way. All you need to do to access the Ad-free area is register!

My plans are to have my daughter {currently 3rd grade} work through the TypeTastic! program for free to help improve her keyboarding skills! She loves it so far and has little idea how much learning is going on while she is playing games on the computer!

Sign up for your AD-free edition here!