Homeschool Wrap-Up September 2019

Homeschool Wrap Up September 2019

See last month’s wrap-up post here!

You can see our detailed curriculum posts by clicking on the graphics below.

5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices L  8th Grace Homeschool Curriculum Choices K

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My Students

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A quick update for the 12th grader –

He is taking all of his classes at the community college for dual credit so you won’t be seeing much of him in my wrap-up posts! He’s a BIG kid now! Read more about his journey here in our 11th grade wrap-up post.

Recently he had the opportunity to shadow a friend of ours who is an air traffic controller and he loved it! Definitely a career he is looking into now! He is also enjoying his electrician course, currently learning how to program PLC boards. I barely know what that means. We are really excited for him and feel doors are opening and confirming his decision to not head off to a 4 year typical college experience. It feels strange if I am being honest, since he always thought he would do the typical college route, but we are feeling the Lord leading in this and have peace and joy! His main goal is not wanting to leave a 4 year college with debt if he isn’t certain his career path requires it.


5th and 8th Together Learning

This year I have combined my younger two kids for a few of subjects – History, Geography, Writing, and Grammar. We are also studying the Bible together in the morning during our breakfast time together. Below I will share a bit about each!


We are continuing our geography study with AFRICA Country by Country. We finished reading A Long Walk to Water, and began The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. I keep our map open during reading to consistently remind my children of certain locations. I want them to be fluent in world geography and this is a simple way to help with this.

Africa (1)-2 Africa (2)-2

They are completing one country per day on their own, totaling 4 per week. We have now gotten far enough along that we have begun playing Africa Jeopardy! I figured my kids would like this but had no idea how much! My competitive son especially!

Africa Jeopardy Game Printables

We play for pennies and they have racked up a bit of pocket change!

Jeopardy (2)-2


In history we are working together daily, with a goal of 5 lessons per week. We continue to enjoy Notgrass.

History (1)-2

The kids have convinced me that reading on the couch with the animals is way more fun {or distracting}. Imagine me in the middle of this!


Both kids have their own map book and I love this aspect of the curriculum! It gives us a chance to really see and recall where things were taking place!


Jeopardy has also begun for history!!! I typed up all of the questions they chose from the units we have done so far and organized them into categories. I also added a few of my own. I plan to add questions as the year moves along, such a fun way to retain facts!

History Jeopardy-2



We do Bible learning together during our morning routine! This is something I began last year and we have continued this year. Click here to see what we are doing in the mornings right now! Currently we are spending most of our time watching the videos from The Bible Project that go along with what we are learning in history.

Writing & Grammar

We picked up where we left off at the end of last year with both writing and grammar, see more about our mid-year switch here. We are finishing up SWI-B and are almost done!


Fix It Grammar continues to be a good fit. It’s a review for both, that they both need. They don’t love it, but they don’t hate it either!




5th Grade

5th Grade Homeschool

How is my baby in 5th grade? This one is even harder for me to accept than the 12th grader! She is supposed to be in Kindergarten forever!


We are using Evan-Moor Skill Sharpeners Science 5th Grade and we continue to enjoy it. We didn’t do as many experiments during September, but have many planned for October!

Evan Moor 5th Grade Science-5


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Teaching Textbooks Math. It continues to be a great fit, she is using level 6.

5th Math-2



She continues to enjoy her weekly enrichment classes! This year she is taking Apologia Science – Swimming Creatures and Mind Benders. Mind Benders is by far her favorite!


See her 5th grade reading list here.

Here’s her completed list so far for 5th grade…

  • Spark
  • Star in the Forest
  • Wonderland
  • Sing Down the Moon
  • A Long Walk to Water

Currently Reading: The Familiars {book 1}, Wings of Fire {book 13}, Race the Night, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind {read aloud}, Harry Potter {book 1, read aloud}

5th Reading (1)-2


We continue to use Reading Eggspress for our reading comprehension, vocabulary and spelling. She does the computer portion 2 days a week and the worksheets with me 2 days per week. It is a challenge for her, so not her favorite subject. I love how it gets her thinking! 



8th Grade

8th Grade Homeschool

K continues to train many hours a week with his gymnastics so many of his homeschool choices are based around this. He is competing level 9 this year, and has an Instagram account here if you’d like to follow his gymnastics adventures! You can also follow my posts about his gymnastics with the hashtag #krashthegymnast.


Teaching Textbooks continues to be a great fit for him. It isn’t always easy but he is working so hard. I love that he can watch the solutions for problems he misses! He has become a great note-taker, copying down solutions to tricky problems!

8th Math-2



The science I chose continues to be a great fit for him. He has aced his first 2 tests and is growing so much in his science knowledge! I am very pleased with the curriculum choice!


See his 8th grade reading list here.

Here’s his completed list so far for 8th grade…

  • Finding Gobi
  • A Long Walk to Water

Currently Reading: Running for My Life {independent read}, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind {read aloud}

Reading outside with the dog is always a favorite…

8th Reading-2

You can also see much of our everyday homeschool life on Instagram!

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The First Month {or so} of 2nd Grade Homeschool

2nd Grade Homeschool

In the past I have done one big wrap up post for all three of my kids. I may go back to that but for now I wanted to do a post for each grade level, since I have more to share about each of my children this year. Recently I shared our first month of 9th grade here, and our first month of 5th grade here.

Today I will be sharing about our 2nd grader. Here is the post about the curriculum choices we made for her.




Ladybug is our avid learner who mostly enjoys school and complains little about it. She is a joy and we are thankful for her love of learning. Here’s a peek at one of her recent lesson plans from Lessontrek. All of the extras are listed on Friday but we don’t do them all that day. I spread them out throughout the week and use that list to check them off. We also don’t do them all every week {like Art and Kidstir}, but I list them to remind myself!

Note – SFS = Songs for Saplings, LOF = Life of Fred, TT = Teaching Textbooks

2nd Grade Homeschool Lessontrek



I seriously cannot say enough fabulous things about Teaching Textbooks 3.  This is our first time using level 3, so our first kid to begin with TT. The boys use it but they started later. For the first few weeks {as she got used to the computer}, I sat at my desk with the book open to her lesson while she sat at her desk and worked.

2nd Grade -6262


As time has passed, she has become almost completely independent.  Although I get asked for help with the true/false questions almost daily. She lets me know if she has a question but otherwise works on her own. She hasn’t gotten below a 95 yet so I would say she is understanding it!

2nd grade -5131


She also uses the Math Drills app, which I have customized for her. This is to work on being quick with memorize math facts.

2nd Grade -6189


Spielgaben is still a fun addition to our math. You can see the latest two posts by clicking on them below.

Exploring 3D Shapes with Spielgaben  Exploring Parallel Lines with Spielgaben


She still does Life of Fred with her daddy about twice a week, I just don’t have any photos!


We use First Language Lessons Level 2 & Growing with Grammar 2 simply because I like both of them and neither takes too long. I do not correlate the teaching topics, we just work straight through each book, which provides some review when one book covers something at a different time. This is partly why I like using both books. She likes me to use the dry erase board for our First Language Lessons now, which you can see below.

2nd Grade-7376 2nd Grade-7381



All About Spelling Level 2 is a great fit, she loves writing on the dry erase board during our lessons. We do one lesson per week, using the board one day and then writing the words in her notebook the other day.

2nd Grade -6304



I love our Evan-Moor Geography book! She does too! It is the perfect fit for her. You an see our full review as well as a video peek in the book here.

2nd Grade -5161


We also practice US states and capitals using our wall map. She puts up a few states a day. Below she was adding the last states for this round!

2nd Grade -7057


Then I had her take them all down so we could begin again!  Consistent review all year long! We love this map!

2nd Grade-7332



She does Apologia Swimming Creatures with her 5th grade brother and her dad.  She is VERY into this as she loves sea creatures.

Science -6407

homeschool -7318



She also does The Mystery of History with her brother and Dad. She takes the best notes, I love seeing her learn and work!




We are using our Songs for Saplings Questions with Answers Volume 1 printables which you can see here!  She absolutely LOVES these songs and is learning so much.

Songs for Saplings -7079


We are also using Friends and Heroes!  We decided to stick with the Family Devotional that we reviewed here.  Even though this was written for families, I use it for her and she loves it. It’s a great way to go back through the movies with her.  We usually watch one episode per week and do one devotion and one printable activity.

She often eats lunch while watching, which she enjoys!

2nd Grade-7393

2nd Grade-5611



My girl loves to read!  See our recent post all about what we are doing for reading this year! See her ongoing books read list here – I am trying to keep it updated! She is very into The Puppy Place series right now and zipping through them. Currently we are reading Little House on the Prairie {3rd in series} aloud together.

2nd Grade Homeschool Reading Plan



We are using Home Art Studio 2nd grade this year. I am aiming to do one project per month. She absolutely LOVED the watermelon painting project!

2nd grade -7068

2nd Grade-7759

All the Rest

KidStir has been a fun addition. She loved her first box and we are planning to order a subscription soon. 

KidStir -

2nd Grade -7118


She is going to an enrichment class once a week with a local homeschool group. Her class is called Classic Tales and they read a book and do activities. She LOVES it!,2nd Grade -6531


She continues Ivy Kids Unit Studies. Our latest was Over in the Ocean!

Over in the Ocean Ivy Kids Kit


She recently asked to take swimming lessons because she wants to join a swim team like her biggest brother. She already knows how to swim, so we signed her up for lessons so she can learn the strokes.  She goes once a week and LOVES it!

2nd Grade-7193


2nd Grade Subjects

Follow along with us on Instagram to get peeks at our homeschool life {and our life in general!}. see our 5th grade wrap-up here and our 9th grade wrap-up here.

9th Grade (1)   9th Grade

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The First Month of 5th Grade Homeschool

9th Grade (1)

In the past I have done one big wrap up post for all three of my kids. I may go back to that but for now I wanted to do a post for each grade level, since I have more to share about each of my children this year. Recently I shared our first month of 9th grade here.

Today I will be sharing about our 5th grader. Here is the post about the curriculum choices we made for him.




Our 5th grader has an odd homeschool schedule due to his gymnastics training schedule. He practices most days and we organize his school time carefully to fit it all in. Here’s a peek at one of his recent lesson plans from Lessontrek.

5th Grade Homeschool Lessontrek



Writer’s in Residence has been such a sweet surprise. I can honestly say I enjoy teaching writing for the first time in 10 years of homeschooling. I took a chance and bought it while at Teach Them Diligently this past spring and it has turned out to be a great fit for us! He is using this as his grammar for this year also. We may bring back a specific grammar book next year, but for this year I wanted to focus on just this and it has grammar built in.



He is complaining WAY LESS when it’s time for writing. This is such a blessing. Below you can see a common glimpse of daily life, he is working on writing, she is working independently.

homeschool -7330




See his book list and reading record printable here.

We just started reading The Sign of the Beaver together, since we just finished our first assigned book, Shiloh which he LOVED. I read these aloud to him and we discuss vocabulary and comprehension together.

He also reads books on his own at night and currently reading A Dog’s Life.

His completed reading list so far this year…

  • Stuart Little
  • A Dog Called Homeless
  • Rain Reign
  • Because of Winn-Dixie
  • Shiloh {with me}




He does Apologia Swimming Creatures with his 2nd grade sister and his dad.  Daddy is such a great science teacher, I hear them giggling all the time.  They are also spouting out facts about all sorts of sea creatures.

Science -6407

homeschool -7318



He also does The Mystery of History with his sister and Dad. I can’t say he loves this one, but they are learning a lot and I enjoy hearing their discussions.




I love Teaching Textbooks and I love that it works for him!  He has made amazing grades this year and has worked mostly on his own.  Last year Dad did the lesson with him in the book and then he went to the computer and did the work.  This year he tried out letting him learn just from the lecture on the computer and it is working! I am so glad we have such a great fit for all three of our kids with a subject I was so worried about when I began homeschooling.

Teaching Textbooks Student Workbook Gr. 6



We are using Spectrum Vocabulary again because it worked well for him last year. It has many skills built in that I want him working on daily.

5th Grade -4924




We are using All About Spelling Level 5 this year and he is doing very well. I continue to love this spelling curriculum!


aas 5



See our review of Evan Moor Geography here, there’s even a video peek inside.  I love this book, he is learning so much that I would have overlooked teaching him on my own.

Evan-Moor -6175






His competition season begins in mid-November. His team just had their Mock Meet to prepare for the season. It was really fun watching his new level 7 routines, we can’t wait for meets to begin! Keep up with him on Instagram here where I try to share clips from his training and also from his meets!

gymnastics -5478



We got Q the Robot for a review {which is coming soon} and I had no idea how amazing this would be for him!  Such a fabulous addition to his homeschooling. He isn’t completely done building his robot yet, but so so totally into it and is begging to do more whenever he has time!

5th grade -7469




A Recap of his 5th Grade Subjects

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9th Grade

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