Sponsoring with Compassion

As my regular readers know, there have been bloggers in Uganda recently seeing firsthand the work of Compassion. Today on Shaun Groves’ blog he asked readers to tell their story of sponsorship through Compassion. Recently I spent a lot of time telling about World Vision through the lapbook we made with my son for his sponsored child, Albert. Now I would like to share a bit about my precious sponsored child, Christine. I sponsor Christine through Compassion and have sponsored her for many years now.

I learned about Compassion at a Watermark concert at my church, in my early days of being a Christian. I grabbed her photo off of a table and took her home with me. Her recent photo is always hanging on my fridge, we pray for her nightly.I write to her often and send photos of our family. Christine will be 14 this April, I actually just sent her bday gift $$ in the other day! Christine writes to me a few times a year and although the letters aren’t often very personal (I know it’s tough crossing language and cultural barriers) I feel close to her. My favorite letters are the ones when she tells me how she spent her birthday or Christmas money…I remember one telling me she bought a goat, a pretty dress, and a sweet Pepsi! It brought such joy to my heart to know that needs and wants were being met for this precious young lady.

My dream is to visit Rwanda where Christine lives with her Aunt. I want to take my son with me so he can meet his sponsored child, Albert (who is the same age as him). We are currently full time missionaries in inner-city America and I hope to be able to raise the funds needed to travel to visit our sponsored children in Africa one day! The Lord will provide, who knows, maybe He’ll even lead our missionary work there one day!

For now I look at her sweet photo, send my money, write to her, look for her letters, and most importantly lift her up in prayer. As I read the blogs of the group in Uganda last week I just imagined what it will be like one day when hopefully I will be able to see her face to face.

Do you sponsor a child? If not, be sure to visit Compassion’s website to see the many faces of sweet children who need sponsors. Also, visit Shaun’s blog to read other Compassion sponsorship stories, or tell your own if you’re a Compassion sponsor!