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I was inspired by Amanda, on her blog Impress Your Kids.  She posted a wonderful idea called “Impress Your Sponsored Kids” which I immediately fell in love with!  It fits perfectly with my plan to do something mission/service oriented every Wednesday for our Something Special group time.image

We sponsor 2 children, both in Rwanda; one through Compassion and 1 through World Vision.  We will be adding 2 more children when Krash and Ladybug both reach age 5.  This is when we “gave” Pac Man his own sponsored child.  It was a really big deal, we even made a child sponsorship lapbook all about it! I also sponsored a child many years ago-who is actually a teenager now!  I try to write to her/email her often and plan to make sure I write a letter each time we write with the kids too!

For our first project, I was inspired by Amanda, and decided to go with not only Albert’s initial, but also names.  In order to include the littles-I made everyone their own name to decorate-with Pac Man working on the ones we were making for Albert.  I just made them in Microsoft and printed them on cardstock.  Then I let the kids get busy!

They used: dot paint, glitter glue pens, crayons, & stickers!IMG_9251 IMG_9247IMG_9243

Everyone contributed to our big “A” and it turned out cute ;-).  Ladybug was VERY into putting the stickers on it!IMG_9262

Pac Man wrote Albert a letter to go along with our crafts… IMG_9266IMG_9353

I also wrote a letter from me and included updated photos of us all on it…Albert letter 9.2010

To keep things easy when it comes time to send things to our sponsored children, I have a notebook for each of them, containing all of the letters they have sent to us and any information we have about them or their project.   I make sure to keep the 6×9” envelopes {what we use to send things to Albert via World VIsion’s requirements} in this notebook so I can always find them. They are preaddressed too, so all I have to do is load it up and take it to the PO for proper postage!

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Sponsoring with Compassion

As my regular readers know, there have been bloggers in Uganda recently seeing firsthand the work of Compassion. Today on Shaun Groves’ blog he asked readers to tell their story of sponsorship through Compassion. Recently I spent a lot of time telling about World Vision through the lapbook we made with my son for his sponsored child, Albert. Now I would like to share a bit about my precious sponsored child, Christine. I sponsor Christine through Compassion and have sponsored her for many years now.

I learned about Compassion at a Watermark concert at my church, in my early days of being a Christian. I grabbed her photo off of a table and took her home with me. Her recent photo is always hanging on my fridge, we pray for her nightly.I write to her often and send photos of our family. Christine will be 14 this April, I actually just sent her bday gift $$ in the other day! Christine writes to me a few times a year and although the letters aren’t often very personal (I know it’s tough crossing language and cultural barriers) I feel close to her. My favorite letters are the ones when she tells me how she spent her birthday or Christmas money…I remember one telling me she bought a goat, a pretty dress, and a sweet Pepsi! It brought such joy to my heart to know that needs and wants were being met for this precious young lady.

My dream is to visit Rwanda where Christine lives with her Aunt. I want to take my son with me so he can meet his sponsored child, Albert (who is the same age as him). We are currently full time missionaries in inner-city America and I hope to be able to raise the funds needed to travel to visit our sponsored children in Africa one day! The Lord will provide, who knows, maybe He’ll even lead our missionary work there one day!

For now I look at her sweet photo, send my money, write to her, look for her letters, and most importantly lift her up in prayer. As I read the blogs of the group in Uganda last week I just imagined what it will be like one day when hopefully I will be able to see her face to face.

Do you sponsor a child? If not, be sure to visit Compassion’s website to see the many faces of sweet children who need sponsors. Also, visit Shaun’s blog to read other Compassion sponsorship stories, or tell your own if you’re a Compassion sponsor!

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Learn more about sponsoring a child.

There’s something big going on in the blogging world? Compassion has taken 16 Christian bloggers to Uganda, Africa to see up close the work they do there. All 16 are blogging frequently about their experience, they just got there yesterday, here’s the link to the all 16 of them on Compassion’s page.

Here’s a few of the actual blogs I am following…
Rocks In My Dryer

This is a great opportunity to see Compassion’s work up close and personal, they will be there for the next week. Here is the link to the posts about the lapbook we did for you to use when you wipe your tears away and click one of their sponsor a child buttons. Seriously, be prepared to be moved, they’ve only been blogging for one day and the few blogs I am reading already are amazing.

Sponsored Child ~ Lapbook

It’s finished! I have to say this has been BY FAR my favorite lapbook ever. It has been such a joy to learn alongside my son. This topic was near to our hearts and we truly were touched by learning all about Albert’s life and the work that World Vision/Compassion does in Rwanda. I feel more called than ever to these two beautiful kids we sponsor through these amazing organizations. P and I have begun praying for God to pave the way for us to visit our sponsored children someday in Rwanda.

Not only was this my favorite lapbook ever, it took the most planning and work on my part since I have never seen this done before. I created many of my own things, which has also led to the introduction of a new site where I am hosting the lapbook templates I have created.

Here is the finished lapbook, and a few in progress shots from the final work we did. You can find more photos and pdf files of all of the things I created, as well as links to the items and info I got online at the new site.He used our Draw Write Now, Book 8: Animals of the World, Dry Land Animals (Draw-Write-Now) to draw a zebra and a giraffe on the cover. He also drew the flag of Rwanda.This is the back…we learned a lot of geography through this lapbook, it was wonderful!This is a tri-fold I created to teach him about the foods eaten and crops grown in Rwanda.Below is a great template I got from Homeschool Share, where they offer tons of free country templates.Here he is working on the template I created for him to compare/contrast himself with Albert. He LOVED this! He was especially excited to see that they would both turn 6 within a few months from each other! If any of you know our story, you know we are not financially wealthy, but we make it a priority to sponsor these children (both are HOPE kids, living in AIDS communities, so their cost is a bit higher). YOU can do it to! But don’t just sponsor… take this as an opportunity to make geography come alive as you learn about your sponsored child’s country. Help your own child learn to not take American life for granted by teaching them all about the life of their sponsored child. Write and send small items to your sponsored child often so the “fire” never dies in their heart. If you have any questions about sponsorship, let me know in a comment, I would be glad to help in any way I can!