Something Special ~ Impress Your SPONSORED Kids

something special Craft to send Sponsored Child


I was inspired by Amanda, on her blog Impress Your Kids.  She posted a wonderful idea called “Impress Your Sponsored Kids” which I immediately fell in love with!  It fits perfectly with my plan to do something mission/service oriented every Wednesday for our Something Special group time.image

We sponsor 2 children, both in Rwanda; one through Compassion and 1 through World Vision.  We will be adding 2 more children when Krash and Ladybug both reach age 5.  This is when we “gave” Pac Man his own sponsored child.  It was a really big deal, we even made a child sponsorship lapbook all about it! I also sponsored a child many years ago-who is actually a teenager now!  I try to write to her/email her often and plan to make sure I write a letter each time we write with the kids too!

For our first project, I was inspired by Amanda, and decided to go with not only Albert’s initial, but also names.  In order to include the littles-I made everyone their own name to decorate-with Pac Man working on the ones we were making for Albert.  I just made them in Microsoft and printed them on cardstock.  Then I let the kids get busy!

They used: dot paint, glitter glue pens, crayons, & stickers!IMG_9251 IMG_9247IMG_9243

Everyone contributed to our big “A” and it turned out cute ;-).  Ladybug was VERY into putting the stickers on it!IMG_9262

Pac Man wrote Albert a letter to go along with our crafts… IMG_9266IMG_9353

I also wrote a letter from me and included updated photos of us all on it…Albert letter 9.2010

To keep things easy when it comes time to send things to our sponsored children, I have a notebook for each of them, containing all of the letters they have sent to us and any information we have about them or their project.   I make sure to keep the 6×9” envelopes {what we use to send things to Albert via World VIsion’s requirements} in this notebook so I can always find them. They are preaddressed too, so all I have to do is load it up and take it to the PO for proper postage!

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