Something Special ~ The Plan

something special When I taught public school Kindergarten, the kids had “special area classes” each day.  They rotated between music, art, PE, and library.  The idea occurred to me last week that I could do something similar in our home.  The idea stemmed from my desire to have something each day that I could plan for all 3 kids to participate in…something uniting.

I came up with a routine, which is still under renovation as I try things out for a few weeks, but for now, here’s my plan…

  • Monday-Art/Craft
  • Tuesday-Music {I used to teach a simple preschool music class a few years ago-I plan to bring this back with a bit of a twist for my little group-thankfully Pac still enjoys this type of stuff-so he will be fine even though it is really for the littles}
  • Wednesday-Cleaning {learn a specific cleaning skill} rotated with a Mission/Service Project {write to our Compassion/World Vision children, OCC Shoe Boxes, and other projects}
  • Thursday-Cooking {this should be interesting-me and my non-cooking self}
  • Saturday {we school on Sat, and not on Fri}-PE type activity/Group Game

I am not 100% certain I won’t add more to the rotation, or even drop a few if they end up not working out, this were just my initial brainstorm.

I hope to share on the blog when I have the chance ~ no schedule or routine…but I will share as we go along.  I already have one coming up to share our first art day, it was wonderful!  I know many of you do these types of things daily, but for me-they don’t come naturally.  I am not crafty, forget music, don’t take the time to teach cleaning skills, hate cooking, forget to do fun PE, and neglect mission/service projects {even though we are missionaries ourselves}.  This little plan is my way of keeping myself accountable.  Hey, it worked for Tot School, Raising Rock Stars and a few more of my random ideas…maybe it will work for this!