Something Special ~ Fall Tree Craft

something special

Fall Tree Craft

I was inspired by searching through old Crafty Corner posts from Totally Tots, and chose a fall tree craft I thought all of my kiddos would enjoy {it was from this post}.  I was right {which rarely happens}.  They all loved it!

We painted the paper towel tubes {I helped Ladybug use dot paint for hers}IMG_8894

Then the kids made their “ground” while the tubes dried a bit, Ladybug dot painted her ground all by herself and really enjoyed it!IMG_8902

I picked up a pack of thin leaves at Dollar Tree last week, we used these for the actual leaves.IMG_8911

The kids had a grand time positioning their leaves, just-so.IMG_8921IMG_8924

Ladybug was thrilled with the placement I helped her with! 😉 IMG_8918

The end result…the most gorgeous fall decorations I have ever had!IMG_8953

Thanks to Ramblings of a Crazy Woman for the inspiration for this fall craft!

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