Preschool Literature Unit – The Small Seed

I have been creating Kindergarten Literature Units for several years and today I have our very first PRESCHOOL Literature Unit! While many of our K units can be used for preschoolers, these new units will be specifically for kids who are at the preschool stage! What exactly is that? It’s a blurry line, to be honest. Most kids are 3-4 during preschool and 5-6 during Kindergarten, but that does not apply to all children, especially with the freedom homeschool brings!

Our very first Preschool Literature Unit is based on the book The Small Seed from Little Scholastic, written by, Judith Nicholls.

Set the stage for your unit by gathering extra books and some toys! It helps to draw your child in and get her/him excited about your learning time together.


Don’t have a lot of toys and books to go along with this book? Ask friends, go to the library, or buy some things you think might be a good long term investment for your homeschool! Be sure to purchase the book The Small Seed, or check it out from your library. In addition to the main book, I recommend adding in other fun GARDEN books to bring the theme alive!

Looking for more ideas for a Flowers & Plants theme? Check out our flowers & plants theme idea page here, filled with more free printables!

There are over 20 activities to keep your Preschooler engaged for quite a while! Many tots or Kindergartners will also enjoy this set! The main focus is Preschool, but that isn’t exclusive! Below you can see a collage of all the printables included! Click each image to enlarge!

The Small Seed from Little Scholastic is an interactive rhyming touch-and-feel nature book.  Feel the seed as it grows roots, a shoot, and a stem, then open out the last page to see a beautiful new flower.

The printables were created to go along with the story as you will see in the photos below! Connecting your activities to a book is such a great way to weave a literacy-rich learning environment into your homeschool in such a natural and fun way!

In all of our Literature Units, I include photo cards, comprehension questions, and story-retelling printables. In this unit you’ll also find 3-part cards, listen and match {images to descriptive sentences}, sunflower matching {visual discrimination}, cut & glue, sorting plants and animals, and tracing.

Explore COLORS  & SHAPES with these fun activities!

Expose early math skills through these fun activities…

Letters are a big part of preschool and you’ll find many alphabet activities included!


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Homeschool Organization Ideas ~ Part 2


It’s a new year and many have organization on the brain. If you’re anything like me, you can always use some homeschool organization tips and ideas! While these are geared towards homeschoolers, most of these ideas will be great for anyone with kids!

This is the second post in our 2 part series,

you can see part 1 here!


Below you will see how we organize our theme based printables, early childhood units, crayons and more! Developing good organizational habits has really helped keep our entire home cleaner and assists everyone with finding what they are looking for!

Organize Your Homeschool Part 2

Storing Theme Based Printables

Do you use theme based printables? Having a method of organizing is a MUST!  See what we did when my kids were younger here! Not using theme based learning in your homeschool for your young kids? See how we plan for a theme based unit here!

Storing Theme Based Early Childhood Printables

Prep for Preschool Units

A simple office paper organizer saved my sanity when prepping for preschool units, see all about how we used one here! Not sure what to do with your preschooler at home? See our post – Following the Lead of Your Young Child here!

Organizing Preschool Units

Bag the ABCs

Wondering why I bagged the ABCs? This post will share why! This bag method saved my sanity when we were doing letter units!

Letter Collection

Label All of the Supplies

However you choose to store your supplies, be sure you have them labeled so everyone {not just mom} can find them! Download our free school supply labels here!    school supply labels

Corral the Colors

Do you have loads of extra crayons, markers and colored pencils? Always missing a certain color? See the blog post this photo came from here. We use photo ledges from Ikea and the storage containers that fit on the ledge. I couldn’t find our exact containers online, they are similar to these, I found them in the kitchen section at the store.

Loose colors go in the little cups! This has saved so much sanity! My kids often have their own full set of markers/crayons/etc. but this is great for any loose finds and makes it easy if you are looking for a specific color you don’t have!

Homeschool-Room- Storing Crayons

Homeschool Room Ideas

I love peeking into other homes to see homeschool areas. Whether you have an entire homeschool room, or you school all over the home, being organized is key to sanity! Take a peek into our current schoolroom and our past schoolrooms below. Also take a peek into an awesome homeschool room from Homeschool Creations.    Homeschool Room 2015-2016

Homeschool Room Tour 2013    Homeschool Room

Homeschool-Room from Homeschool Creations

Here’s a quick recap of the ideas shared in this post:

Did you miss part 1?

See more Homeschool Organization Ideas here!

Organize Your Homeschool


Fun with Shapes Mega Bundle

Fun with Shapes Mega Bundle - LOADS of shape printables!


I am excited to share our new Fun with SHAPES Mega Bundle with you! If you have a tot, preschooler, Kindergartner or 1st grader be sure to take a look! This bundle is filled with 20 different activities focusing on 12 different shapes. You’ll find activities featuring the following shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, heart, star, diamond, hexagon, pentagon, oval, arrow, and crescent.

This set includes many fun printable activities that not only focus on shapes, but also literacy skills, colors, early math skills and more. It’s a great early childhood set!

Buy Yours Here…

Fun with Shapes Mega Bundle

Fun with Shapes Mega Bundle

Fun with Shapes Mega Bundle

Here’s all that is included in this bundle…

Flashcards ~ print 2 sets and you can play memory with these also.

Shape Flashcards (1) Shape Flashcards (2)


BINGO boards ~ use the above flashcards with the BINGO boards to call out the shapes.


Shape Q-Tip Painting

Shapes Q-Tip Painting (1) Shapes Q-Tip Painting (2) Shapes Q-Tip Painting (3)Shapes Q-Tip Painting (4) Shapes Q-Tip Painting (5) Shapes Q-Tip Painting (6)

Shape Cut and Match

Shape Cut and Match (1) Shape Cut and Match (2)

Shape Graphing

Shape Graphing (1) Shape Graphing (2) Shape Graphing (3)

Color By Shape and Shape Accordion Book

Color By Shape Shape Accordion Book

Shapes Clip & Learn Wheel and Patterns with Shapes

Shape Clip & Learn Shape Patterns

Shapes Trace and Color

Shapes Trace and Color (1) Shapes Trace and Color (2) Shapes Trace and Color (3)Shapes Trace and Color (4) Shapes Trace and Color (5) Shapes Trace and Color (6)

Cut and Glue Matching Shapes

Shapes Cut, Match and Glue Shape Matching

Dot Fun Which One?, Which is Different?, and How Many?

Shape Dot Fun Shapes Which is Different Shapes How Many

Mixed Up Memory

Shape Memory (1) Shape Memory (2)

Shape Play Dough Mats

Shape Play Dough Mats (1) Shape Play Dough Mats (2) Shape Play Dough Mats (3)Shape Play Dough Mats (4) Shape Play Dough Mats (5) Shape Play Dough Mats (6)

Cut and Match the Sentences

Shapes Cut and Match Sentences (1) Shapes Cut and Match Sentences (2)

Trace the Shape Names

Shape Tracing (1) Shape Tracing (2)

Here’s a FREEBIE from the bundle!

Download the Shapes Flashcards for free here!

Grab the entire bundle here!

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Top Posts from 2016

Top Posts from 1 1 1=1 in 2016

It’s fun to look back in life and as a blogger. I love seeing what my readers loved the most and wanted to share what I found with you. Below you will find the top 10 NEW posts in 2016, the top 10 posts visited in 2016 {from anytime}, and our top 10 referring sites!

These are our top ten visited posts in 2016 which were all new posts in 2016.

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Our blog has been around awhile and often old content is the most visited. These ten posts were the top overall visited posts during 2016

  1. All Printables A-Z
  2. Preschool, Tot and Kindergarten Packs
  3. Thanksgiving Doodle Coloring
  4. Christmas Coloring Pages
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  6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Printables
  7. Tot School Printables
  8. Choose Your Own Alphabet Chart
  9. School Supply Labels
  10. Christmas Doodle Coloring

Alll-Printables-A-to-Z15 Christmas-Doodle-Coloring-Pages32 Thanskgiving-Doodle-Coloring-Page26Choose-Your-Own-Alphabet-Chart-Print  Brown-Bear-Brown-bear-Printables5  School Supply Label Printables Tot-School-Printables-9The-Very-Hungry-Caterpillar-Printabl[1] Printables-Packs-from-1plus1plus1equ Free Christmas Coloring Printables for Children and Adults

Top Referring Sites to Our Blog in 2016 ~ THANK YOU!

  1. Free Homeschool Deals
  2. This Reading Mama
  3. Living Montessori Now
  4. Homeschool Giveaways
  5. Life of a Homeschool Mom
  6. Playdough to Plato
  7. Money Saving Mom
  8. 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  9. Homeschool Creations
  10. Wildflower Ramblings

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Transportation Preschool Pack

Transportation Preschool Printables

We have a new Transportation Theme Preschool Pack for you! I hope this new transportation printable pack is put to good use by many of your tots and preschoolers!

You’ll find many printable activities to enjoy while exposing your children to early learning skills! Numbers, letters, shapes, colors, reading readiness, cutting, gluing and more!

Transportation Preschool Printables (6) Transportation Preschool Printables (14)Transportation Preschool Printables (4) Transportation Preschool Printables (5)Transportation Preschool Printables (10) Transportation Preschool Printables (12)Transportation Preschool Printables (16) Transportation Preschool Printables (17)Transportation Preschool Printables (19) Transportation Preschool Printables (21)Transportation Preschool Printables (1) Transportation Preschool Printables (2)Transportation Preschool Printables (7) Transportation Preschool Printables (8)

Download your free Transportation Preschool Pack here!

Looking for more transportation printables and ideas?  Be sure to check out our Transportation Theme Pinterest board here!

Transportation Preschool Printables F

Grab more fun Transportation theme printables from Homeschool Creations here!


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