11th Grade Homeschool Year-End Review

11th Grade Year End Review

When we adopted the motto – one year at a time, one kid at a time, I knew it might someday bring me peace when plans changed right before my eyes! When presented with the opportunity to take classes at our community college, for free, for dual credit, we enrolled our oldest son! He took all but 2 courses at the community college for 11th grade through a program called Career and College Promise. It was a learning experience for all of us and wasn’t always easy. I missed him while also feeling the freedom of having only 2 kids to teach. He loved his new freedom while learning that the classroom experience is majorly different, especially at the college level for your very first experience!

Below is a list of the courses he completed for 11th grade

1st Semester

  • English – Writing and Inquiry
  • Math – Precalculus Algebra
  • Music Appreciation
  • Intro to Sociology

2nd Semester

  • English – Writing/Research in the Disciplines
  • General Psychology
  • College Transfer Success – required course for the program he is in

At Home

  • Literature portion of English
  • US History – Notgrass  

Some of the courses are by choice and some are required for the program he is in. We had to choose a pathway and within the Associate in Science Pathway, he was given courses that fulfill the requirements.

Moving forward…

For the upcoming year {12th grade} he will take the following at the community college for sure:

  • Biology 1
  • Biology 2
  • Math – Precalculus Trigonometry
  • American Literature

He has also decided to give the technical pathway a try and take a course in the electrician path to see if it’s something he likes. I love that he is not set in stone on the college path and is exploring all options of what the best journey might be for him. We are huge fans of finding the right fit for each person. It just isn’t the same for all!

He may end up at college, he may decide to be an electrician. He may go away to college, he may complete his bachelor degree online. His options are still open at this point, but we are still making sure he is prepared for the go-away-to-college route if that’s what he chooses in the end. If he does that, his top choice is still Charleston Southern University. Decisions will need to be made soon, so I bet you will see things unfold on Instagram as we walk this final year together!

Outside of School…

He does many other things besides school! He has worked at Chick-Fil-A for over a year now and loves it. He is spending several weeks of his summer volunteering at camps for adults and kids with special needs {which he has done for the past few summers also}. It brings me so much joy to see him enjoy serving others! During the school year he volunteers with the special needs ministry at our church.

IMG_0210 IMG_8923

It seems just yesterday I was starting this blog and he was in Kindergarten.

Before Now…

Curious to see what he did in the past {since I’ve been blogging}?

Homeschool Curriculum Choices and Reviews from 1 1 1=1

10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

10th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices


My oldest son is 15 and going into 10th grade this year, below are the 10th grade homeschool curriculum choices we have made!

Curious to see what he did in the past {since I’ve been blogging}?

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10th Grade Subjects

The Visual Version…

TT Algebra 2Notgrass Exploring GovernmentDiscovering Design with ChemistryIEW Windows to the WorldNotgrass economicsTeaching the Classics

human-development Graphic Design


Figuring high school credits – He is coming into 10th grade with 8 1/2 high school credits and will earn 6 more this year. We may add an elective 2nd semester, depending on how these first two go. He is pretty busy outside of the home with activities also. He is on a year round swim team and he also volunteers with the special needs ministry at our church on a weekly basis. He spent his summer doing the same – spending 3 different weeks as a volunteer counselor for people with special needs. It is definitely his passion and we are trying to allow him to fully develop this calling.

There may be more to come, or some changes, but this is our list for now and all of this has been purchased! We will see what the year holds!

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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews and Choices

Stick around and see our homeschool year unfold!

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9th Grade Year-End Review of Homeschool Curriculum Choices

9th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Year End Wrap Up

The homeschool curriculum choices blog posts are great, but what I really want to know is what families thought AFTER they used the curriculum they chose! I will be sharing a series of posts with you; evaluating our choices in each grade level from this homeschool year.

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We shared our 2nd grade year-end review here and 5th grade here. Next up, 9th grade!  Here’s a reminder of the original 9th Grade Curriculum Choices post.

9th Grade Subjects

Below I will give a small review of each subject, if you have more specific questions about anything, just leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer! 

Math ~ Teaching Textbooks Geometry

Teaching Textbooks is a great fit and he will be moving on to TT Algebra 2 in the fall. Geometry definitely wasn’t easy and was time consuming for him. He ended the year with an A and had to work for that grade! We are really proud of the effort he put in especially near the end to be sure he got that A!

9th Grade -1

World History ~ Notgrass

Notgrass World History was a great choice for us. I struggled with our choice last summer and finally landed on Notgrass because I wanted the best of both worlds. I wanted a book written in an enjoyable reading style but also a slight textbook feel, with tests and such. Notgrass was a perfect solution for us. History isn’t his favorite subject but he mentioned several times how much he enjoyed the readings. We have decided to stick with Notgrass for Government/Economics in the fall!

9th Grade -2

Writing ~ IEW SIW C

This was our very first experience with IEW and although it was a HUGE learning curve for me, I am so happy we decided to try! We originally planned to do IEW SIW C and Elegant Essay but we barely finished C. I had to take a teacher-break during the year because I got overwhelmed with the learning curve. Then finally after watching the teacher training videos even more, something clicked! This fall all of my kids will be using IEW! Pac will be using Teaching the Classics along with Windows to the World.

9th Grade -1-4

Geography ~ Northstar  

This was a great world geography curriculum, he was exposed to SO much! I am really glad he took this course and I loved how organized it was. I wish I had taken a course like this in high school! I highly recommend!


Finance ~ Foundations in Personal Finance

We LOVED this course!!! I cannot say enough good things about it, he loved it, I loved it and he learned so much that will be so valuable to him and already is! Highly recommend this!

Note – it looks like this will be on Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op July 17, be sure to check there as it might be cheaper!

9th Grade -3

Spanish ~ Homeschool Spanish Academy

9th Grade -1-2

We were given a year of HAS for review and I am sad to say we will not be continuing on with it in the fall. The program itself is laid out nicely and required very little from me, which I loved. Our biggest problem was his particular teacher. While she was sweet and kind, she was not a good fit for my son for several reasons. The teachers are based in Guatemala which is fabulous and he did have some teachers as subs that were amazing. At the beginning of the year we were told to try out teachers to see who we liked and then schedule with that teacher. We did that and he really liked a certain teacher he had but when I went to schedule the rest of the year, this teacher was totally booked. We ended up choosing the particular teacher he had for the remainder of the year because she was one of the few left that fit his schedule needs.

When Pac brought his concerns to me I thought possibly it was just him and advised him to talk with her about one of his specific concerns. I sat and listened in on the Skype session when he asked his teacher about a grade he had gotten {it was low and she didn’t seem to think it was a big deal and was confused as to why he was asking her to go over the test with him}. After listening to that session I became concerned myself, as a fellow teacher and as a mom. I brought our concerns {that was just one of our concerns} to the man in charge {who had given us the course for review} and offered to give another year a shot for review, to see if possibly our experience was tainted by the particular teacher we had. He told me that he didn’t think another run at it would add any additional perspective to the review. I was a bit surprised by this to be honest. I really wish I could, but due to his response and lack of helpful feedback to address my concerns, I cannot recommend HAS. It is a very expensive one on one tutoring program and possibly with a different teacher we would have loved it. I’d love to hear if any of you had a different experience if you’ve used HAS!

My son did learn and completed Spanish 1 and I am happy I did not have to teach this subject! I was impressed with the format of the program and the dashboard where we could log in and see his assignments and grades. We are currently looking at other options to continue on with Spanish! I am open to suggestions, leave a comment!

Science ~ Apologia Biology

He just simply didn’t enjoy Biology, and it was his most difficult subject. This course was his biggest learning experience since it was hard for him. He learned many study skills and this is even more important than the subject matter! He disliked dissecting, a LOT. He is excited to move on to Chemistry since there will be no dissections!

9th Grade -1-3

Stay tuned, I will be sharing our curriculum choices for 10th grade, 6th grade and 3rd grade.

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9th Grade Homeschool Wrap-Up October 2016

9th Grade Oct. 2016 Wrap Up


This year I am doing individual grade level wrap-up posts instead of all three kids in one. I shared our first month of 9th grade here. This post will share highlights from October!

Here is the post about the curriculum choices we made for him. 





9th grade continues to move along. He spends many hours a day doing his schoolwork, we can definitely tell we have a high schooler now! We use Lessontrek for weekly planning. I type them up each weekend to prepare for Monday. He uses this to guide him through his week. At the end of the week I record all of his grades from the paper into Lessontrek online since we use their Gradebook feature.



We use IEW Student Writing intensive Level C which I like but must admit I hit a road block with teaching this past month and had to take a break. Instead of driving myself crazy, we took a few weeks off and I went back to the teacher training DVDs to get smarter. Thankfully it worked and we will jump back in midway through unit 4.

9th Grade -8082



I continue to love Homeschool Spanish Academy!  I sit at his door and listen in sometimes since he prefers me not to watch him. It is just so neat to know he has an individual Spanish teacher! I love it! He is doing well and is learning a lot!



Notgrass World History is going well. I continue to be pleased with this choice. I particularly love when he has to make something yummy for his project!  He gets to choose a project each week from his lesson, and for unit 7 he made Hamantaschen using a recipe he found here.

9th Grade -7841



Foundations in Personal Finance is only getting better and better!!! I highly recommend this course for your teenagers, thanks to Jolanthe for recommending it to me! Dave Ramsey is hilarious and so straightforward. Pac has already learned SO much, he probably know more than most adults about this subject thanks to the high quality of material being taught – even I have learned a few things!

9th Grade -8196



Apologia Biology is much better now, we seem to have found a groove. After module 2 we decided to purchase the DVD to see if it would help. We LOVE the DVD!!!  We built in a DVD watching day for each module. The day before he works on his study guide for his test, he watches ALL of the module videos to review. During the module he watches the videos for tricky lessons or experiments, so some he will see twice. His grades have improved since adding the DVDs!

He still lets his little sis peek if he is doing something interesting!

9th grade -7472



Northstar Geography is going well. It is a great curriculum! Nothing really exciting to report, he does this mostly on his own.




Teaching Textbooks Geometry is a dream come true for homeschooling math. Seriously, I see what he is doing and how they teach it and I am blown away. Slowly his grades are climbing in this subject, he is slowing down and taking more time and getting results. I am very proud!




He continues to enjoy swimming and had his first swim meet in October. We are so thankful he found a sport he really enjoys!

9th grade --3


He is very involved with our church and decided to take a break from Boy Scouts this semester in order to be a leader at the weekly outreach ministry night. He is SO in his element while serving. They obviously have loads of fun based on the fun pictures I get to see!

9th grade - 9th grade --2


One of the extra things he loves in his life is Skrafty. If your kids play Minecraft, definitely look into using the Skrafty server. All kids have to be white-listed and it is moderated heavily.


A Recap of his curriculum…

Science ~ Apologia Biology with DVD

Math ~ Teaching Textbooks Geometry

Writing ~ IEW SIW C and The Elegant Essay

World History ~ Notgrass

Geography ~ Northstar

Spanish ~ Homeschool Spanish Academy

Finance ~ Foundations in Personal Finance

Reading  ~ See book list here {which will most likely grow}


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The First Month of 9th Grade Homeschool

9th Grade

In the past I have done one big wrap up post for all three of my kids.  I may go back to that but for now I wanted to do a post for each grade level, since I have more to share about each of my children this year. 

Here is the post about the curriculum choices we made for him. 





9th grade has brought many changes for our oldest son!  He is no longer doing “group subjects” with his younger siblings, and is working on his own for everything!  I am more involved with him this year and really enjoying my time with him.

We use Lessontrek for weekly planning. Here’s a peek at one of his recent lesson plans. I type them up each weekend to prepare for Monday. He uses this to guide him through his week. At the end of the week I record all of his grades from the paper into Lessontrek online since we use their Gradebook feature.

Lessontrek Lesson Plan 9th Grade



One of our big changes is with writing. This is our first year using IEW and so far so good! He is using Student Writing intensive Level C and I am watching the DVD classes with him and then he works on his own.


Honestly, it was a bit strange at first, so different than what we used previously. We are in the middle of unit 4 now and I am certain we made the right decision! This is a better fit for us and the whole subject of writing is flowing better now.

9th-Grade--70607 9th-Grade--65085



I am in LOVE with Homeschool Spanish Academy!  They offered to give us free classes to see if we liked it and I am blown away! DEFINITELY a good fit for us! He takes two classes a week with a private teacher via Skype! The teachers are located in Guatemala and are fluent in Spanish and English. He has learned so much already and I just love that I don’t have to do ANYthing. I was dreading high school foreign language credit and now I am not.

9th Grade -6369[3]



Notgrass World History is another new curriculum for us and I am in love with this one too! We began with plans to earn the History and Bible credit {this course offers 3 credits if you do it entirely – English, History, Bible}. After about a week, we decided to drop the Bible portion and just earn the history credit. He is eliminating the Bible memory work, extra Bible reading and Bible projects. We never planned on him using this as an English credit, so there’s some eliminated by dropping that.  The history credit alone is enough work and we feel it is a great fit.

9th Grade -4928[3]


He works a lot on his own, but comes to me for quizzes and tests.  Below he was taking a history quiz at my desk. 




We LOVE Foundations in Personal Finance! Originally I planned on him doing this independently but I have enjoyed the videos, and we have great discussion a few times a week! This is a great course!!!

9th Grade -6253



Ahhh, science. Daddy is in charge of science. BUT I am getting a tad bit more interested. Apologia Biology is great but hasn’t been the easiest for him. After module 2 we decided to purchase the DVD to see if it would help. We LOVE the DVD!!!  It is definitely an investment, but one we decided was worth it. The video lessons are so well done and even my son admitted they were really helpful. His score on the module 3 test was significantly better than his scores on test 1 and 2!

Apologia Biology DVD



We both love Northstar Geography. He does this almost 100% on his own, I love the layout, organization of the lessons, and all that he is learning.




Teaching Textbooks Geometry is definitely not easy, but I can’t imagine doing this without Teaching Textbooks! He does this on his own and is doing well, but he has learned that studying well for the tests is very important now. Math has come easily for him, but this is a bit more challenging as he learns all new concepts and ideas with a lot of memorization required.

TT Geometry



Although not an official school subject, his computer-love is going strong!  He has been building his own computer for almost a year now and recently he get some of the final parts. He showed an interest and we had 3 old CPUs sitting in storage and we told him he could take them apart and do whatever he wanted to learn! He mostly learned through dissecting those and using working parts to build one and then buying parts he needed. I had no idea he would be able to do what he can do, I thought he would just mess around with our old broken computers for awhile. Turns out he was able to teach himself a LOT! I’ve lost the ability to comprehend it all. So proud of his ability to learn, save $, and work through tough issues to reach success!! Here’s a video on Instagram showing the moment he started it up!

9th Grade -6574[3]


Other fun news, he decided to join a year round swim team! We are looking forward to the new adventure as a swim family as we support him! That’s him in one of those lanes swimming!

9th Grade -7089

A Recap of his curriculum…

Science ~ Apologia Biology with DVD

Math ~ Teaching Textbooks Geometry

Writing ~ IEW SIW C and The Elegant Essay

World History ~ Notgrass

Geography ~ Northstar

Spanish ~ Homeschool Spanish Academy

Finance ~ Foundations in Personal Finance

Reading  ~ See book list here {which will most likely grow}


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