Raising Rock Stars ~ Psalm 34:10 “The Good Song”

Psalm 34:10

Our night was based upon the song, The Good Song {Psalm 34:10} from Seeds of Courage.  I didn’t get many pictures, I was busy singing with the kids!

Of course we used the great  printables Valerie made for Totally Tots to learn this verse and what it means. We also got out some toy lions to role play with.  When the verse said “weak” we made our lions fall over!

IMG_9451 IMG_9453It is a simple verse, which my boys already have memorized.  We talked about what the verse actually meant…which is the part I love.

We continue to read the Bible daily to the kids each morning and are currently reading Daniel ~ we look forward to an evening talking and learning all about Daniel next Sunday!

Resources used this week:

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