Raising Rock Stars ~ What’s in the Bible

We have been off the wagon for a bit with our Bible lessons, otherwise known as Raising Rock Stars {if you are new, you can read the vision here}.  I was floundering a bit with my decision of what to do.  I finally made a plan and I am happy to share that it is working beautifully for our family!  I have chosen to use the What’s in the Bible DVDs extensively with my children all together, during our homeschool time.  I hope to share at least once a month with you, giving you an update of where we are and how it’s working for us.  Today I’d like to share the general outline of what we are doing, and why I chose this.

General Outline ~

We watch the DVDs in sections, each DVD has 2 sections, which are about 30 minutes each.  I am having my kids watch each section at least 3 times with me…to be sure we are learning all of the facts.  We spread this out over how ever long it takes, I am in no rush. We are often watching the DVD during lunch or snack time.IMG_5937

We are using the coloring pages offered for free here, as a way to reinforce our knowledge, and also to create a “book” together. IMG_5942

We are using the flashcards found here {only DVD 1 is available now, I am hoping the rest are coming soon}, to review. image

We are also using our Jesus Storybook Bible to read together as we move along in the stories on the DVDs.  I also have the Read and Share Bible and DVD, and we will be using these as an additional reinforcement. IMG_6005

We use the actual Bible too, reading specific stories and parts straight from the Bible.  We use various versions, NIV, NASB, ESV, and a few more.

    As you can see, planning is NOT intensive on my part.  I just have to put it in our routine and make sure we do it!  So far, it has been FUN and the kids are loving this time in our school day!

Why I Chose What’s in the Bible ~

We have tried a few things for Bible time during homeschool and with the age range of my kids, none of the others worked for all of them during this season of life.  Since my time is limited, I really wanted something I could use with all 3 at the same time.  The DVD component of What’s in the Bible, combined with the awesome free coloring sheets is why I decided this was worth a shot.  I made a loose plan-we watch a portion, color together as we discuss and review, then repeat.  It has been about 2 weeks now and it gets better every time we work together.  There’s more singing during the movies, more dancing, and more Bible knowledge!  We are all really enjoying each other also, a wonderful bonus!

You can purchase What’s in the Bible DVDs straight from their website here, they usually have a coupon code for some sort of discount {right now it is ESTHER for $5 off}, and shipping is always free when your order is over $15.

Amazon also sells the DVDs, but the prices/shipping is very random, you just need to see where you’d get a better deal when you’re ready to purchase. Each volume is in the widget below, as well as the CD and the combo 1-6 set. {subscribers will need to click over to the blog to see the widget}

Stay tuned for details on exactly what we did for DVD 1, and more!

Raising Rock Stars Family Time ~ update!

New Testament Overview…

Sunday night Raising Rock Stars Bible time is still going on, I just haven’t taken time to blog about it since we are using a program and it isn’t mine.  I obviously can’t share all of the lessons with you!  image51

We are still using New Testament Overview by Grapevine Studies and loving it!  We aren’t able to do a lesson each Sunday evening, but mostly we do.  We also continue to  read the Bible daily to the kids each morning and are currently in the New Testament.  Morning Bible/prayer time still looks very similar to that post, just with the addition of 2 1/2 year old Ladybug who causes a raucous now.  Krash is still VERY distractible and is often getting redirected back to obedient behavior.  Daddy does his best to engage the kiddos still and they love that.  PacMan has graduated from the floor to free seating since he now behaves very maturely for the most part.

For Sunday evening time, all 3 kids get out their lap trays {from Michaels} and their notebook {they each have one now for this study}.  I stand at the dry erase board to lead, and now use my iPad with the PDF of the manual loaded into iBooks.

Ladybug gets to work drawing freely and the boys wait for me to lead them through the stick figures. IMG_5071


Krash is now drawing mostly on his own with a bit of Daddy help.  I adore 5 year old drawings!!!IMG_5077


PacMan draws on his own and really comprehends the lessons well.  He did Old Testament Overview with me when he was in 1st grade and really enjoyed it also.IMG_5081

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I used to host a linky for this, but I am no longer going to since I don’t post for this feature regularly.  Feel free to leave family Bible time ideas in the comments!

Raising Rock Stars ~ Birth of Jesus

The Birth of Jesus 

Sunday night Bible time is back on schedule, after a 1 week return and a several week vacationing image5break!

We are using  New Testament Overview as our base and the boys are each keeping a notebook of their drawings. This is our 2nd week of lessons, and it went MUCH better than the first!  I got the boys their notebooks and squares and my bug felt a bit left out so she went and got her square and sat down…IMG_0921

She was quickly up and playing when she realized what we were doing though!IMG_0930

After we finished the lesson and drawings, IMG_0926

We had a bit of quiz time.  Daddy would whisper the answers to Krash when it was his turn {for the hard questions} and he would yell them out!IMG_0943

Because I know how much you must enjoy my drawings, here’s our completed board…IMG_0960

Resources used this week:

Visit the Raising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts! Please read there or here before you add your link. NOTE~ this is NOT the linky for RRSPreschool!  The original Raising Rock Stars was developed for families! 

Raising Rock Stars ~ John the Baptist

The Birth of John the Baptist 

We have drifted away from our Sunday night Bible time, due to sickness, meetings, vacations, holidays and more, BUT we are back!  We have not stopped our daily Bible reading and prayer though, that continues on even when we don’t have a special Sunday night Bible time.image

It was nice to be back and we began something new this week. I had used Old Testament Overview with Pac Man in 1st grade and decided to buy New Testament Overview to use for family Bible time now that Daddy is reading from the New Testament each morning.

We modified the lessons and had fun reviewing the story of John the Baptist together while stick figuring our way through the story. 

Ladybug “worked” with Daddy {love the nap-head}…

IMG_8652 IMG_8668

Krash needed some help with some of the drawings, but he did a few on his own!

IMG_8648  IMG_8658

     Pac of course, did awesome and loved it!IMG_8655


I stood at our dry erase board and drew the examples for them as they copied the drawings into their notebooks while we discussed each part of the story.  The kids didn’t even BOO my horrible drawings!!!IMG_8661

Resources used this week:

Visit the Raising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts! Please read there or here before you add your link. NOTE~ this is NOT the linky for RRSPreschool! 

Raising Rock Stars ~ Jonah


We continue to read the Bible daily to the kids each morning and have recently been reading the book of Jonah. We weren’t completely done with the story from the NIV Bible so Daddy read that first, and then read a children’s book about Jonah.IMG_3394

While Daddy was reading from the NIV, here’s a peek at the youngest 2 {who have a really hard time paying attention to the actual Bible-for obvious reasons}…

IMG_3393 IMG_3395

~Side note – right after that photo was taken my Canon 40D locked up and is now off in the mail being sent to a repair shop. I was SO bummed and praying just to get through the Bible time so I could figure out how to handle my camera being broken. How Godly is that? I am human and I honestly had such a hard time focusing on not wanting to run to my computer to look up the error code and figure my camera out. But, I grabbed the point and shoot and did my best to focus on what really mattered ;-). Then I learned that my camera had to be sent in, so you’ll be seeing much more of my spectacular point and shoot photography skills here for awhile!

After reading, we went to the table where I had some things for us to do. Ladybug and Krash colored a page I made for them and Pac Man did a crossword puzzle. I can’t say it was the best night, but we spent it together and that counts for a lot!


IMG_6281 IMG_6288 IMG_6289

Of course we had to watch Jonah


Resources used this week:

Visit theRaising Rock Stars Webpage to download your own notebook pages and to see links to previous Rock Stars posts!