Raising Rock Stars ~ Daniel


We continue to read the Bible daily to the kids each morning and have made it up to the book of Daniel.  Most children’s books focus only on the story about the Daniel in the Lion’s Den, but we read all of the key stories in Daniel, going through many of them in great depth.  The kids especially enjoyed learning about the fiery furnace {which is depicted in this Veggie Tales movie}, the dream about the tree, the writing on the wall. and of course the story of the lion’s den.

We hadn’t dug too deep into the story of the lion’s den as we had the others, so we used our family time this week to dig deep into this fascinating story with our kiddos.  Daddy sat in the bean bag and read them the story {as a review} from a children’s book we have.  Daniel in the Lion's Den

This was too funny, Ladybug got up soon after the first photo was taken, as soon as she realized this wasn’t her favorite book.  She began making silly faces, silly noises, and trying to make me laugh;-)  Then she decided to start walking…distracting us all, since she normally only does it when we encourage her.  The pic is blurry but I love it anyway! 😉  As you can see,  Krash was VERY into the story behind all of her silliness ;-).Raising Rock Stars Daniel Lesson (2 of 5)

After reading, we went to the table where I had 3 different sheets for each child.  Krash did a handwriting/coloring sheet…Raising Rock Stars Daniel Lesson (3 of 5) Pac did a crossword…Raising Rock Stars Daniel Lesson (4 of 5) Ladybug colored…Raising Rock Stars Daniel Lesson (5 of 5)

The kids watched both Rack, Shack & Benny, and also Daniel in the Lion’s Den on DVD this past week.


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