Raising Rock Stars ~ John the Baptist

The Birth of John the Baptist 

We have drifted away from our Sunday night Bible time, due to sickness, meetings, vacations, holidays and more, BUT we are back!  We have not stopped our daily Bible reading and prayer though, that continues on even when we don’t have a special Sunday night Bible time.image

It was nice to be back and we began something new this week. I had used Old Testament Overview with Pac Man in 1st grade and decided to buy New Testament Overview to use for family Bible time now that Daddy is reading from the New Testament each morning.

We modified the lessons and had fun reviewing the story of John the Baptist together while stick figuring our way through the story. 

Ladybug “worked” with Daddy {love the nap-head}…

IMG_8652 IMG_8668

Krash needed some help with some of the drawings, but he did a few on his own!

IMG_8648  IMG_8658

     Pac of course, did awesome and loved it!IMG_8655


I stood at our dry erase board and drew the examples for them as they copied the drawings into their notebooks while we discussed each part of the story.  The kids didn’t even BOO my horrible drawings!!!IMG_8661

Resources used this week:

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