Raising Rock Stars Notebook Pages

I think I finally have everything together for you to join in with me! I wanted to prepare some neat things to help keep me inspired…I really like cute things, so I knew I just had to make an entire notebook and some cute forms and such. I decided that just in case anyone else wanted them, I would go ahead and make a set that could be downloaded! Here’s our notebook, which is a 1″ now, but I am sure will graduate to a larger one soon!

This is the cover, their names are blocked out, and on the general cover I obviously left a pic of my kiddos off-cuz that might make your kids feel a little weird ;).

There are section pages for the 3 main sections (Bible Stories, Memory Verses, Prayer Journal). I put each of my title pages in a sheet protector.I am not following any set plan for ideas, just finding what I like and adding it in for the weekly theme. Some items I will probably make on my own, others I will find on the web.

This is the back, where I made a sheet with all of the Bible verses I mentioned in this post. I wanted to always be reminded of my goal in all of this and have the verses close to me and to be able to share repeatedly with them as they grow. You can also see the spine, I made a title, one for this size of a notebook and one for the next size ;).

Here’s the webpage I set up to house all of this, you can download your own notebook files there. You’ll also find forms for planning, prayer journal forms, and buttons for your blog!