Digital Drawing with Pac Man!

As I am sure you have all figured out, I love the computer. I teach myself things, and if it is something I want to learn ~ I will learn it, somehow. Come to find out, my oldest son is much the same. Today I brought out the first of my new monster creations (which I will be sharing soon), and told Pac that I “drew” the monsters myself on the computer. He was amazed to say the least and asked if I would show him how I did it.

I didn’t think he could learn so easily, but he did and created 2 cute monsters himself. I taught him how and then he went at it! I helped him edit a few minor details at the end (connecting arms closer to the body and simple things like that). These are about 95% his unique creations on his own!

Both will be featured in my new monster Tot Pack (It’s got way too much for just a Tot Book!). He is very excited and even helped me decide what skills to expose using his special monsters. Who knew creating Tot Books/Packs would become a family affair?!?! I love it!

In case you’re wondering, we use Microsoft Publisher, and use the little scribble tool over on the left sidebar by the shapes tools. I am NO expert by any means, but I teach him what I know!!!

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