Raising Rock Stars ~ Jonah


We continue to read the Bible daily to the kids each morning and have recently been reading the book of Jonah. We weren’t completely done with the story from the NIV Bible so Daddy read that first, and then read a children’s book about Jonah.IMG_3394

While Daddy was reading from the NIV, here’s a peek at the youngest 2 {who have a really hard time paying attention to the actual Bible-for obvious reasons}…

IMG_3393 IMG_3395

~Side note – right after that photo was taken my Canon 40D locked up and is now off in the mail being sent to a repair shop. I was SO bummed and praying just to get through the Bible time so I could figure out how to handle my camera being broken. How Godly is that? I am human and I honestly had such a hard time focusing on not wanting to run to my computer to look up the error code and figure my camera out. But, I grabbed the point and shoot and did my best to focus on what really mattered ;-). Then I learned that my camera had to be sent in, so you’ll be seeing much more of my spectacular point and shoot photography skills here for awhile!

After reading, we went to the table where I had some things for us to do. Ladybug and Krash colored a page I made for them and Pac Man did a crossword puzzle. I can’t say it was the best night, but we spent it together and that counts for a lot!


IMG_6281 IMG_6288 IMG_6289

Of course we had to watch Jonah


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