Calendar Time…Part 2

Calendar Time Ideas and Printables

Here I will share a bit more about our calendar set-up for 2010/2011.  You can see even more, and download the printables here on my website. We use some things from our first year, and I have changed several things up.  I now have 2 calendar webpages, you can see last year’s here ~ Calendar…Part 1, and the new printables are hosted on this page ~ Calendar…Part 2.


This is our current set-up {links to everything on the webpage}…IMG_9460


Top Left…Our Seeds Family Worship verse of the week {sometimes is only changed out every other week depending on our Raising Rock Stars family time}IMG_1150


Top Right…Books of the Bible.  I am using my very own printables from Pac Man’s Bible Lapbook to review the books of the Bible daily with the boys.  On the right is the little song book {which I laminated} and on the right are the bigger book cards.  I am putting 3 up at a time and challenging the boys {K mainly as Pac already knows it} to be able to say/sing up to that point.  I am amazed at how well he is doing! You can see videos of us singing the songs on the webpage!IMG_0104


Bottom left…I shrunk down our daily items and made new printables, as well as using a couple that I found online {How to Scale PDF Files Down}.IMG_0095


Bottom Middle…I added “What’s the Season” under “What’s the Weather”  and used the same “Make the Date” from our old calendar board.  I did change to using real coins with velcro on them, rather than printables.IMG_0101

Bottom Right…I added in this wonderful chart from my good pal Jolanthe.IMG_0745I had trouble at first with all of the little numbers and not being able to find them quickly.  I then printed/laminated a second copy and velcro-ed everything together!  I found a folder pouch thing at Target and voila-problem solved!IMG_3376


Up at the top I have little blue pails from Ikea which slide perfectly onto our white photo ledge/bookshelf.  I can take them down easily for the kids to choose a “_____ of the day”IMG_0114


The only thing that is different but not pictured specifically is our little pouch {which I snagged form an old phonics set I had}.  I shrunk down all of our songs to approx. 3 1/2×5” and printed them that way.  I keep them all individually in this little plastic envelope attached to the board.  The smaller versions of the songs are included in the PDF file for the “_______ of the Day” printables.


I LOVE our new set-up, it has solved many of my calendar frustrations from last year ;-).

We do things in a different order each day, mostly depending on my mood!  Sometimes Pac Man will lead the entire time too, just to change things up…he loves this!  Krash has just started leading also.  Leading is a GREAT way for a child to learn, I just don’t always remember that!

You can download everything and see more information {including links to all supplies mentioned here} here on our Calendar..Part 2 webpage!

See our Calendar Notebook here!

Daily Calendar Notebook