Raising Rock Stars ~ Birth of Jesus

The Birth of Jesus 

Sunday night Bible time is back on schedule, after a 1 week return and a several week vacationing image5break!

We are using  New Testament Overview as our base and the boys are each keeping a notebook of their drawings. This is our 2nd week of lessons, and it went MUCH better than the first!  I got the boys their notebooks and squares and my bug felt a bit left out so she went and got her square and sat down…IMG_0921

She was quickly up and playing when she realized what we were doing though!IMG_0930

After we finished the lesson and drawings, IMG_0926

We had a bit of quiz time.  Daddy would whisper the answers to Krash when it was his turn {for the hard questions} and he would yell them out!IMG_0943

Because I know how much you must enjoy my drawings, here’s our completed board…IMG_0960

Resources used this week:

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