Tot School

~Ladybug is currently 17 months old~

I am still contemplating how I am going to work Ladybug’s Tot Trays now that we are in the new school room.  We have MUCH more space, so I can think a bit more freely.  I am not rushing into any decisions quite yet, so we are still not entirely set-up.  I am getting the boys squared away first and then will focus on her set-up.  Thankfully she doesn’t even care, and thinks all of the toys are great!

Learning Toys

Who really needs Tot Trays anyway when you have your brothers Star Boxes?  She has been digging all through his boxes and he doesn’t mind sharing!IMG_9013

She really loves the counting bears

       IMG_9005    IMG_9002

and the lacing beads, IMG_9021AND the stacking cups {putting bears on top one day and Zoobs inside another!}…


She also loves playing WITH Krash, a LOT.  Here they were playing with Monkey Math-for a L-O-N-G time.


Here he is building with the foam blocks {linked are not exactly ours-but they look similar} for her,IMG_8928

then she got busy herself, she is a dumping and block-stacking champ now!IMG_8933

Magneatos continue to come out just about daily.  I brought out our dry erase board to show that they will “stick” to it.  She was VERY impressed and sat right on it to play!IMG_9207

 Techy Tot

Ladybug has begun to really enjoy I love that my desk is big enough to just sit her up on top!


tub of fun

Ladybug LOVES our fall sensory bin.  She has played with it every day!!!


Something Special

This week Ladybug participated in all of our Special activities.  You can see our schedule here.  She made a fall tree,


sang Apple Songs with us, helped make crafts for our sponsored child in Rwanda {post coming soon},  and helped bake muffins {we made these}.

    IMG_9319 IMG_9317


Life School

She made her first real drawing at our new easel {from Ikea} this past week!!!  She loves to stand herself up and scribble away!!!



She continues to love her walking toys, but we are still praying she lets go soon!IMG_9158



Moms Favorite


My sweet husband tried really hard to fix her hair one morning and she just wasn’t having it.  He finally stuck two bows in and brought her down like this {I was in LOVE ~ with both of them}…


Pac Man was jumping over her {while my heart skipped MANY beats}.  She kept begging him to do it again and again!!!

IMG_9119 IMG_9120



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