In the Works ~ Flowers Lapbook

For Little Laplinks this month, we are doing a lapbook all about flowers and plants! P and I are both VERY excited about this as it was something on our list to study anyway. Now we just get to do it along with a whole group of people online!

We began today and both of us learned a lot! Here’s how we began our study,

  • We made K(now) W(ant to know) L(earned) cards. It is always neat to do this at the beginning of a unit and then again at the end!
  • We looked through and read some of the book, Flowers, Fruits and Seeds (Looking at Plants) which led right into…
  • Doing this activity to thoroughly discuss the parts of the flower and pollination. P did a great job labeling the parts and learning the tricky names.

  • Then we headed outside to dissect our flowers in the backyard, we had a great time finding all of the parts together. We plan to do a more formal dissection and recording later on, today it was just for fun to investigate and reinforce what we learned.

  • After going outside we came in and played this game online.
  • And for review, he will play a game I made for him, which is based on today’s activities. You can download pdf files here. I laminated the labeling mat and labeling cards and put it all in a ziploc bag for him to use often throughout this unit. I also printed and laminated cards from this link, for review (you have to play the game and click on the magnifying glasses for the print option to show up).

I have a LOT more in store for him, It took me hours to print all that we are using for this unit! Coming up… (a few of these things were shared on Little Laplinks already, sorry if I relink it)

And I this is just the beginning, we are loving this study! I will share as we go along! Visit Little Laplinks at Lapbook Lessons for more great ideas!