My other job

My readers here know me as homeschooling mom, but elsewhere I take on a different role in life! Up until 1 year ago I was the Children’s Ministries Director at our church where we are staff missionaries (meaning the church itself can’t afford to pay us). I passed this official title on last year after MUCH prayer and a very hard year of realizing I can’t do it all. I decided to put my family and homeschooling first and see where everything else fell. It has fallen in place nicely now that I have stopped trying to do it all. Praise God for helping me realize this.

There is one thing I still do and am in charge of at our church and it just wrapped up last night! Each summer I, along with a team of a few other wonderful women, lead a summer reading program called Reading Rocks. We developed this program at Cornerstone 4 years ago and it has been a highlight of the summer for our inner city kids ever since! This year was no exception, I feel it was our best year yet!

Last night was our finale party where each child got to choose a brand new backpack, new socks, new underwear, and a BIG bag of school supplies.

The party was a lot of work, it always is. But it is SO worth it. A bonus is that Pac-Man gets to participate and loves it so very much. AND it has him reading TONS in the summer months!Even Krash got a little backpack last night…he was SO proud of his red bag that he picked out himself!!! As fun as it is and was, I am glad it is over so I can go back to my #1 role as wife, mom and homeschool teacher!