Not what we expected…

We are facing another medical crisis in our family, this one much worse than the pregnancy illness I experienced for 6 weeks. My husband, Frank, was diagnosed a few days ago with testicular cancer. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor and is recovering now and in a lot of pain. He is having some complications because of the surgery also.

We go to the oncologist on Monday to learn what type and stage the cancer is. We are praying the surgery removed it and that it hadn’t spread.

Unfortunately our boys are going down to NC tomorrow with Frank’s parents (who drove up immediately to be with him when they learned the news). It is very hard for them to see Daddy like this, as he is in so much pain and having to rely on me and his parents for almost everything at this point. We have lots of family down in NC that can care for the boys and give them a *vacation* to take their minds off of this. We feel so horrible after they just came out of my long absence, and now to have this happen to their Daddy. However we are confident that God is walking beside of us and them and that we’ll all be OK. It’s just so hard right now.

I am doing well with the pregnancy, praise God. Just 2 weeks ago I wasn’t, what a blessing of God’s perfect timing. We also learned that this pregnancy (and even our others) are such amazing blessings as many men have infertility problems during this type of cancer. We are thankful we can see God’s hand at work even in this trying time. Thank you for your prayers.