Prayer Geography…the results!!!!

Daddy’s prayer map is complete! We heard from over 175 people between both blogs and hit almost every state and many countries! it was really exciting to watch the comments come in and to know that prayers have been lifted up for our Daddy and family!!!! Here Pac-Man is showing the printed copy to his Daddy for the first time, Daddy was amazed!!!

We can’t thank you all enough for joining with us, and thank you for letting Pac-Man know you were(are) praying for his Daddy.
In case anyone is wondering where we got our map, here is the link. It is really cool, you color it in online and then download your copy to print!

PS-I have emailed everyone who left an email address in their comment who requested the other blog. If you did not leave your email, I did not send it to you :), you are welcome to send me an email or comment to request it again, but be sure to leave me your email address so I can get it to you that way! If you aren’t comfortable with leaving your email in a comment, just ask me not to publish the comment and then nobody but me will see it! You can always do that on my blog if you ever have a more private message for me. I have comment moderation on so I can just delete after I read if you ask me not to publish it!