Workboxes…some great links

I thought I would piggy-back off of yesterday’s post with a few more links to help those of you considering this method.

On Heather’s blog, she has written many posts (with great detail and photos) showing how the boxes have worked for her children. Scroll to the bottom when you get there and read up to see her posts progress.

Here is Ami’s specific post with her growing list of ideas for the boxes (outside of regular curriculum). I plan to make my own spreadsheet in the future, but my baby will have to come first and things will need to settle down! I am looking forward to the MANY ideas Pac can do each day. Here’s Ami’s schedule cards that she made, and included a link for you to download them too! Here are her timer cards, which we will be adding to our boxes too! Thanks Ami!!!

Here is Leslie’s photo and description of the shelf and boxes she bought at Target. here’s her post featuring the photos of the shelves all ready for her kiddos.

Here are some great posts from Jess, who has a larger family. Post 1 shows her initial set-up and how she made it work for a house with many kiddos. Next, she writes about what is in each child’s specific boxes for a day, with their ages listed and photos. Finally here’s some neat action shots of her kiddos at work.

Here is Ginger’s post about Workboxes, where she shows an entirely different way to organize, using drawers instead of boxes. Here’s another post she wrote about a few things that she really likes to sue within the Workbox system.

Here’s another great idea from Jolanthe at Our Homeschool Creations, showing how she is using the system for her 4 kiddos.

As for me–YES I will post PDFs of the graphics I am using for our system. I have to edit them a bit to make them public friendly,since I know you all don’t want a photo of me on your boxes! I will write a post with the link when I get that done.