More Work Drawer Printable Labels!

I shared about our use of Preschool Work Trays {boxes, drawers, etc.} awhile back, and I also shared the My Little Pony labels I made for her!


I asked for suggestions and was able to make a few new sets with some of the suggestions that were left in the comments and emailed to me! I hope some of these will be of use to some of you!

You can download these here!

Dinosaur Work Drawer Labels   Farm Work Drawer Labels

Fairy Work Drawer Labels   Sofia Work Drawer Labels

Pirate Work Drawer Labels  Batman Drawer Labels

I have the following Preschool Packs in the works:

  • My Little Pony {almost done}
  • Sofia the First {reader request, and Ladybug likes it}
  • Spring Fairies {Ladybug’s request}
  • Littlest Pet Shop {Ladybug’s request}

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Fun Preschool Work Drawer Labels

You probably know we use Preschool Work Trays {boxes, drawers, etc.}.  We started out with trays and then I finally got drawers so we switched.  I surprised Ladybug with some My Little Pony labels.  She was SO excited and now we talk about which pony drawer it is time to do as we work through her school work!  Funny how something so simple can make school more exciting!

Home Preschool letter C -8746

Yes, I do have a My Little Pony Preschool Pack in the works!  Hopefully just a week or 2!

Well, knowing not all of you have pony fans, I threw together a Batman set too, using the photos I had taken for the Batman Preschool Pack I made years ago for Krash.  I can make more sets if the desire for them is there.  They are sets of 9 and sized to fit the Ikea Trofast drawers. Leave a comment if you would use them and would enjoy other themes on them.  I am open to suggestions!

You can download these {& more} here!

My Little Pony Drawer Labels


Batman Drawer Labels

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Behind the Scenes ~ Preschool Workboxes

Behind the Scenes Awhile back I wrote a Behind the Scenes post about beginning to transition Krash from Tot School to Preschool.  We are almost entirely done with that transition and I wanted to update you in case our journey might help anyone!  As I always say-our way isn’t necessarily the right way, it’s just a way that has worked for us.  Every child is different and what works for Krash and our homeschool may not work for yours.

At the writing of this post Krash is 46 months old, we began the transition I am writing about now about 6 weeks ago.

I slowly transitioned Krash from Tot Trays on a shelf like this…IMG_1861 copy

to workboxes like this…  IMG_0593I got this awesome set up from Ikea.  I have known I wanted this for years now, but just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money.  Finally my husband encouraged me to just get what I really wanted and honestly I am SO happy I did!  This is the set we have.


We did the transition slowly.  At first I just switched his normal things that would have been on his trays over to the workboxes, and just let him open them all up and pick what he wanted-the same freedom of choice he had with his tray set up.

Slowly I added in more preschool type work and eventually I added the numbers to his boxes.  I set up the 9 boxes with 6 being his workboxes and the 3 on the bottom being his “star” boxes.  These are the boxes filled with open ended toys that he can freely play with after boxes 1-6 are finished each day.  Here’s a photo I took and labeled to show you how it is working now.IMG_1867 You can see he was almost done for the day when I snapped this, as box 1-5 are done and the # cards are off and his finished work is on the tray.  Some days I don’t have all 6 boxes filled and if I don’t I just don’t put the numbers on him.  It only took him a few days to understand that.  Now he can look and see that he only has 4 boxes on a certain day, and then he is free to play in star boxes.

A few random thoughts about how we do things…

  • He does go in order, beginning with box 1 each day.
  • I do work with him the entire time, he is not independent yet!
  • Each box usually is something that doesn’t take a really long time.  I break things down into small chunks for him, we will gradually increase his attention span.
  • He only took a few days of training to get past the “WHAT??? I can’t just do what I WANT for school anymore???”  phase ;-).  Once I decided we were switching to “Mommy chooses first, then you {star boxes},”  I knew I had to make it stick.  I disciplined and made him obey even if he didn’t like me too much.  Within a few days of fighting me, the battle was won.  He now goes in order with very little complaining.  He is a strong willed little man too, so don’t think it was easy-I just had to be firm and let him know I was most certainly the boss-even of school.

So, I know you are wondering 😉 what is in the different boxes?  Here’s an idea of the types of things I would put in each set…

In Workboxes 1-6…activities with a clear ending

  • Kumon Cutting Workbook
  • Theme printables  {from Tot Packs and other sites I use to get things from}
  • Puzzles
  • Learning toys that have a definite ending point {not open ended toys}
  • Coloring, cutting, drawing, or other art activities that have a “goal” {again, not open ended stuff}
  • ABC projects {currently we are doing Crafty ABCs from Totally Tots}


In STAR Boxes… open ended toys {these are just a few of our suggestions}

  • Zoobs
  • Tall Stacker Pegs Building Set
  • Beads
  • Small Wooden Blocks
  • Twister Rings
  • Automoblox
  • Magneatos
  • Egg/Spoon Race Game

Here’s our new Preschool Tools store I set up to help me keep all of our suggestions in one place.  We still use many of our Tot School Tools as you will see, I just wanted to have a new section as we enter into official preschool years!

We are just weeks away from officially beginning our new Raising Rock Stars Preschool program!   I can’t wait to share with all of you, I have been working like crazy behind the scenes to get it ready for Krash and to share with you!  Stay tuned!

Edited to ADD {2013} Preschool Work Trays with LadybugPreschool-Work-Trays.jpg

Workbox Fun for Pac Man…

We are still using the Workbox System and it works for us. Currently Pac Man uses 9 boxes per day, which means I add in 1-3 extra items a day on top of his regular curriculum (Calvert 2nd grade). One of his favorites was this ASL file folder game I made for him. He is very into sign language, and had fun using the folder, and the book The Handmade Alphabet, to match them all up.

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Gearing Up for the START

I am in BIG TIME planning mode, especially with Workboxes in mind for Pac Man. Thought I would share a bit of what I have prepared for him this evening. I am still gathering, printing, laminating, cutting, etc. I was trying to rush to being our school year but have since given myself a break and have decided to allow myself the time I need to prepare and be FULLY ready to begin. Once I made this decision I have been excited again. We’ll officially begin when I am ready, in the meantime he has 6 workboxes and we do a very relaxed form of school.

Here’s what I have been working on tonight…

One of my all time favorite homeschool blogs, Walking By The Way, had this great post, which led me to this awesome site. I have printed some of the posters and most of the Crazy Cat Tales (similar to MadLibs) for Pac Man’s workboxes. So excited about these, thanks Ami for sharing this great site!

Ami also shared some math fact cards she was using for her son. I quickly went into Publisher and made some for Pac Man (I will upload mine when I get time…sorry I am too busy planning right now!). Pac Man needs tons more practice to memorize his facts.

Awhile back, Jolanthe shared a review about the Write Shop: StoryBuilders. In her post she mentioned a free download for one of their Ebooks. I finally got around to printing it all out and preparing it for Pac Man to use. Thanks Jolanthe!!

Another great one from Jolanthe, this Notebooking page for the book Children Just Like Me. We have had this book for a LONG time and now I finally have a great idea to go along with it!!! Thanks again Jolanthe!!! I have put our book and some blank pages together so I can give him this for a workbox every now and then.

Barker Creek offered this great ebook for free awhile back and thankfully I downloaded it then! I finally got a section printed out and ready to go into Workboxes for Pac Man!!! He will be doing the section on Homonyms first.

I also had another free USA ebook (which I cannot find online now) and I got it all printed and ready for the boxes also!!!

I am so excited to be planning again, I LOVE planning (am I weird??). I will share more as I go…

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