Fun Preschool Work Drawer Labels

You probably know we use Preschool Work Trays {boxes, drawers, etc.}.  We started out with trays and then I finally got drawers so we switched.  I surprised Ladybug with some My Little Pony labels.  She was SO excited and now we talk about which pony drawer it is time to do as we work through her school work!  Funny how something so simple can make school more exciting!

Home Preschool letter C -8746

Yes, I do have a My Little Pony Preschool Pack in the works!  Hopefully just a week or 2!

Well, knowing not all of you have pony fans, I threw together a Batman set too, using the photos I had taken for the Batman Preschool Pack I made years ago for Krash.  I can make more sets if the desire for them is there.  They are sets of 9 and sized to fit the Ikea Trofast drawers. Leave a comment if you would use them and would enjoy other themes on them.  I am open to suggestions!

You can download these {& more} here!

My Little Pony Drawer Labels


Batman Drawer Labels

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