My Little Pony Preschool Fun

My Little Pony Preschool Fun

My girl was THRILLED with her My Little Pony school week!  We used my My Little Pony Printable Pack as well as the pony crafts from Learn Create Love.  I also added in coloring pages from here and here. Our pony week fit right in with her work drawer labels too!

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The ponies that are featured in the pack are these, and you will see how we used them throughout our week. She loves these tiny ponies!

My Little Pony toys

The rest of her pony collection came to play also, they had a special invitation to live in the schoolroom for the week.  Usually they live in her bedroom and I have pretty strict “toy migration” rules so this was a real treat for her!  Here she is matching all of her ponies up with different cards from the pack!Home Preschool Letter Hh -3061

Pony puzzle, working on numerical order and number ID 1-10…Home Preschool Letter Hh -3046

Home Preschool Letter Hh -3049

We read the sentences together and matched the ponies to their card.  Home Preschool Letter Hh -3052

The 3 part cards were a hit too, and she really got into the word matching with me as we emphasized the beginning sounds together and matched up the names.Home Preschool Letter Hh -3118

Home Preschool Letter Hh -3123

She LOVED the crafts from Learn Create Love, we made Rainbow Dash, Pinky Pie and Fluttershy together!Home Preschool Letter Hh -3057

Home Preschool Letter Hh -3104

Home Preschool Letter Hh -3149

She sorted ponies by ones that had wings and ones that did not!Home Preschool Letter Hh -3112

Dot fun printables were a hit, and she enjoyed the letter tracing too!Home Preschool Letter Hh -3131

Roll and Graph ponies!

Home Preschool Letter Hh -3136 Home Preschool Letter Hh -3137

Matching ponies to their cutie mark, I got this online from here {near bottom, Princess Coronation Activity set}!Home Preschool Letter Hh -3151

Finding what’s different!Home Preschool Letter Hh -3022

Cut, count & glue!Home Preschool Letter Hh -3159

Cutting, matching & gluing!Home Preschool Letter Hh -3183

She loved the memory game!!Home Preschool Letter Hh -3185

Home Preschool Letter Hh -3187

Home Preschool Letter Hh -3190

She absolutely loved hanging up her pony work each day, and posed in the final picture for me too!  It really was such a fun week with her, focusing on one of her very favorites!Home Preschool Letter Hh -3279

You can download the My Little Pony Pack free here!

My Little Pony Printable Pack

My Little Pony Printables

My Little Pony Printables[5]

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have the My Little Pony printables done!  I could never find clipart I really liked, so I had to make my own and that takes much longer!  Ladybug will be having her pony week soon, but not quite yet, we have a few other themes ahead of ponies!  But, I knew many of you have pony fans and would want these ASAP!  I hope many girls and boys enjoy these!


We have this toy set and all of the ponies featured in the pack are photos of the ponies in this set, plus Spike the dragon since Ladybug loves him!


Download the My Little Pony Printables Here!

Looking for more theme based printables, see this post!


Fun Preschool Work Drawer Labels

You probably know we use Preschool Work Trays {boxes, drawers, etc.}.  We started out with trays and then I finally got drawers so we switched.  I surprised Ladybug with some My Little Pony labels.  She was SO excited and now we talk about which pony drawer it is time to do as we work through her school work!  Funny how something so simple can make school more exciting!

Home Preschool letter C -8746

Yes, I do have a My Little Pony Preschool Pack in the works!  Hopefully just a week or 2!

Well, knowing not all of you have pony fans, I threw together a Batman set too, using the photos I had taken for the Batman Preschool Pack I made years ago for Krash.  I can make more sets if the desire for them is there.  They are sets of 9 and sized to fit the Ikea Trofast drawers. Leave a comment if you would use them and would enjoy other themes on them.  I am open to suggestions!

You can download these {& more} here!

My Little Pony Drawer Labels


Batman Drawer Labels

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New Easy Readers

I can’t believe I waited so long to bring this idea of Easy Readers for the iPad to reality.  I thought up the idea many months ago, just had it on my creating to-do list.  My kids are devouring these books.  It’s all Ladybug wants to read now!  Krash requested Skylanders and Batman, those were easy since I already had graphics!  Ladybug loves My Little Pony, and Care Bears-so I found some images and put those together for her!  I also wanted to make one focusing on emotions, so I did that one too! I imagine there will be many more, the kids are firing off requests to me and I love that they are wanting to read!

Care Bears Easy Reader  I Feel Easy Reader  My Little Pony Easy Reader

Skylanders Easy Reader s  Batman Easy Reader

You can download these and any other easy readers I add for FREE here on the Easy Readers Webpage!

More info about how to download to your device here!