A Little Love in the Homeschool

Love Homeschool

We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day at our house, but we do take advantage of the month of February to bring out our “love” stuff.  The kids really enjoy it all and it’s always a good time to add a little extra love into our home!

Ladybug really enjoyed the Valentine’s Sensory Bin and book collection.Valentine's Homeschool Fun -9192


She was caught reading like this MANY times, and we read the books together a LOT!Valentine's Homeschool Fun -9225


The sensory bin got MUCH play time, from all 3 kids!Valentine's Homeschool Fun -9195


We have tons of heart shaped cookie cutters and brought out our Busy Hands Play Dough Box for some action!Valentine's Homeschool Fun -9199

Valentine's Homeschool Fun -9200 Valentine's Homeschool Fun -9201

Valentine's Homeschool Fun -9205


I am not much of a crafty mom, but some glue on paper and a bit of glitter is manageable and brings great joy to my glitter-loving kiddos!Valentine's Homeschool Fun -9271

Valentine's Homeschool Fun -9279

Valentine's Homeschool Fun -9286

I had planned on letting them paint inside of the hearts, but ooops, I forgot.

Valentine's Homeschool Fun -9292

See more of our LOVE activities that we didn’t get to this year. 

Love Printables


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