The Busy Hands Play Dough Box

Busy Hands Play Dough Box

I haven’t always made my own play dough, but this past year I have.  Thanks to a wonderful play dough recipe {I got permission from the original author to share the recipe with my readers, find a printable too!}  that even a non-cook like me can handle and remember, I have made several batches and my children are oh-so-thankful.


Of course, I had to pull out some Christmas-y play dough.  But why stop with just play dough?  My organizational freak of a brain got going and came up with a little solution to our play dough playing dilemma.

Dilemma # 1 ~ dragging out the play dough tools and remembering to clean it all up and put it all back.

Dilemma #2 ~ remembering to add in my themed dough cutters when we switch themes/holidays.

Dilemma #3 ~ “Mommy, I can’t get the baggie open, {top off of the play doh}.”


Solution…The Busy Hands Box!



I had this awesome box, and put it to work.  I made a space for our tools and also spaces for our current play dough {a home made batch usually lasts us about a month}.  The box lid shuts tight and seals so the play dough stays fresh, but each individual color doesn’t have to be in a separate {and difficult for a 2 year old to open} container/baggie.


You can surprise your kids for Christmas, give one as a gift, or just make your own life a bit better by organizing your own play dough supplies in a fun new way.  If you haven’t busted out some Christmas-y play dough, here’s some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.



  • Green ~ add green glitter & peppermint extract
  • Red ~ add red glitter and cinnamon or peppermint extract
  • White ~ add silver glitter and vanilla extract or French vanilla coffee cream powder gives it a nice sugar-cookie scent.
  • White ~ add red and green glitter…peppermint extract too!
  • Yellow ~ add almond extract and gold glitter

The scent is always a very big deal for my kids and this set was a big hit.  Notice Ladybug’s joy in her smelling…

IMG_7509  IMG_7503

As a special surprise, I added a new set of tools to the box for my kids, I got them this neat Melissa and Doug set and I am happy with it.


Additionally, in our box…



In case you like my box label, I made it in pdf form so you can use it too.  There are also 2 play dough alphabet pages, I laminated mine to keep with the box.

Download the Busy Hands Box printables here!

Find our Play Dough Recipe here!